‘Evil Dead Rise’ Makes $2.5m in Previews

‘Evil Dead Rise’ Makes $2.5m in Previews

The Super Mario Bros Movie from Illumination/Universal, which is currently in its third session and is expected to earn $13.5M today (down 40% from last week) and $56M over the course of the following three weekends at 4,350 theaters (down 39%), will bring the Nintendo film’s total earnings to $432.1M by Sunday. Over $12K is the big theater average here.

And even though Universal’s Renfield and Screen Gems’ The Pope’s Exorcist, which both filed in the high single digits last weekend, were competing with each other as horror films, the arrival of a third this weekend is giving fans of the genre a reason to go out, as they are spending $9M+ today (including Thursday night’s $2.5M previews) and between $18M-$22M over three days for the Sam Raimi-executive produced Evil Dead Rise.

Competitors notice the movie’s three-day higher, but like other horror movies, it all boils down to Saturday night because such fare often has a front-loaded business schedule. According to social media experts RelishMix, the social media universe for Evil Dead Rise is 191.5 million across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, compared to Halloween’s 189 million ($76.2 million opening in 2018), The Black Phone’s 135 million ($23.6 million, 2021), and Halloween Ends’ 136 million ($40 million opening last year).

The most popular stats are on YouTube, where five videos with 98.2M views have a 48:1 viral reposting rate. According to RelishMix, “Conversation is woven with positive anticipation for the movie as fans trust the Evil Dead franchise and believe the 2023 remake will be a high-quality horror film since the franchise is regarded as the ‘only horror franchise without a bad movie.'”

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The dark and disturbing visuals in the video, which tease potential twists and jump scares, have received accolades. ‘Mommy’s with the maggots now’ is often cited as a classic horror movie line, and viewers also like the nods to other scary movies like The Shining and the franchise’s growth; ‘I still have the special 6.1 edition of the original. This looks amazing.

While The Super Mario Bros Movie from Illumination/Universal (read the review) swats any newcomers away from No. 1 with $46M-$55M, the R-rated horror film from Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin and executive produced by Sam Raimi is aiming for a start between $15M-$20M+. On May 5, the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy will deliver their third installment to accomplish that.

Super Mario Bros. handily won on Thursday with $4.9M, an increase of 2% over Wednesday’s total for a second week of $115.3M, bringing its running total to $376.1M. The 10 p.m. Thursday previews of Fede Alvarez’s 2013 adaptation of The Evil Dead brought in $1.9M, followed by $11.9M on Friday and a $25.8M domestic debut.

After receiving positive reviews at SXSW and currently ranking at 88% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and 86% on its audience meter, the exhibition is sure that this most recent entry in the Raimi-created franchise will live up to expectations.

Following the epidemic, here is how Evil Dead Rise compares to other noteworthy recent R-rated horror previews: Before their respective debut weekends of $23.6M and $22.6M, Black Phone from Blumhouse/Universal and Smile from Paramount each made $3M in revenue. Cocaine Bear, a genre comedy, earned $2 million in previews before a $23 million domestic debut.

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This weekend also sees the release of Searchlight’s Chevalier, which is expected to gross in the low single digits at 1,275 cinemas (see the review).  It has an 82% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Beau Is Afraid by A24 is expanding to 926 theaters from four in NYC and LA (see the review).  Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant is playing in 2,611 theaters with an estimated $6 million in revenue (see the review). On Rotten Tomatoes, the Jake Gyllenhaal film has an 82% fresh rating.

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