Frank Ocean Pulls Out of Coachella Weekend 2 (2)

Frank Ocean Pulls Out of Coachella Weekend 2

The performer took the stage during the first weekend of the California event, but his bungled show left many spectators miffed and perplexed. An onstage ice rink was melted as a result of last-minute adjustments to that performance, according to the US star’s agents, who claimed a leg injury was to blame.

The star on the bill will be replaced by Blink-182, according to Variety magazine. The set Ocean played last week was his first in the US in six years. He was scheduled to headline the event in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of those performances.

Ocean’s reps stated in a statement that he has canceled his performance for the upcoming weekend due to a doctor’s directive. “Frank Ocean was unable to perform the planned show due to a leg injury he sustained on festival grounds in the week before weekend one, but he was still determined to perform, and in 72 hours, the show was reworked out of necessity,” they claimed.

Due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg, “Ocean” is unable to perform during weekend two, per the doctor’s recommendation. Months were spent in preparation for his comeback, but the performance frequently stalled. For the majority of the performance, Ocean was hidden behind a screen, and towards the middle of the concert, a DJ played remixes of several of Ocean’s songs, including Slide, Provider, and Lost.

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“Ocean looks like he’s struggling up there,” the LA Times observed in a live blog of the performance. “Nothing has yet successfully launched on a real groove, and the audience is perplexed. This is so sedate that it’s confusing. The concert’s scheduled live stream was also canceled, and Ocean’s almost hour-late entrance forced the festival’s midnight curfew, which brought a premature end to the performance.

Despite the disappointments, there were several standout performances, such as a revised rendition of White Ferrari and an ethereal rendition of Godspeed. Ryan, who passed away in a vehicle accident three years ago at the age of 20, was Ocean’s brother, and he dedicated the event to him.

He informed the audience, “My life changed so much these last couple of years.” “My brother and I frequently attended this festival. Because I detested the dust, I often feel like I was dragged out here, but I constantly end myself here. I want to thank everyone for their love, support, and understanding over the years because I know he would have been overjoyed to be here with us all.

Tragic but nuts

After thereafter, rumors of significant last-minute modifications to the performance—which was initially scheduled to feature 120 ice skaters—became public. Information of the event surfaced in the hockey podcast Empty Netters, whose presenters Dan and Chris Powers were among the scheduled professional skaters.

Dan told the audience, “For about a month, we’ve been practicing, hanging out with Frank, hanging out with the other skaters, hanging out with these fantastic figure skaters, and going through this whole process – this tremendous ordeal. However, they learned Ocean had hurt his ankle and the ice was melting when they arrived at the festival location in the Colorado Desert.

So now we’re being informed that we’ll still put on these sparkly Prada outfits, but we’ll just walk back and forth on stage for approximately five minutes instead of skating, Dan added. “And Frank Ocean is right there, and Chris and I just say, ‘No, buddy. Thank you, but no. Despite the issues, the duet was glowing in their appreciation for the vocalist.

Chris remarked, “He had a really clear vision, and even though that vision changed a great deal, he was always on us, helping us, making sure everyone hit what he was visualizing in his mind. Dan said, “He was calm with everyone and he was showing them the cadence and how to sing the songs.

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“It felt like this was something he really cared about, that he was super psyched about, and to see it all fall apart was definitely sad… but also nuts,” Ocean remarked on the first weekend in a statement confirming his cancellation. “It was disorderly. Even turmoil has its beauty. I didn’t mean to convey that, but I did have fun being outside and I’ll see you soon, he replied.


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