More Searches Planned for Missing Everman Boy

More Searches Planned for Missing Everman Boy

Due to fresh information, Everman detectives will not conduct extensive searches for 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez’s body as they had initially intended. Police Chief Craig Spencer stated that the plans were altered by the investigators as a result of “data analysis,” and that he is unable to provide more information at this time.

Numerous detectives from several agencies are searching for Noel. According to police, he was last verified to have been seen alive in October 2022. According to the police, Noel was at the hospital at the time while his mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, gave birth to twins and was unwell and emaciated.

Investigators combed the woodland regions on Monday and discovered a newly constructed, illegal concrete patio that had been paid for by the boy’s mother. Search teams have not been out in the neighborhood looking since nothing was discovered beneath the patio, but according to the police, detectives have been pursuing leads and information round-the-clock.

Chief Spencer stated, “Obviously, locating Noel is our top priority,” in a written report on Friday. The search for justice for Noel’s possible mistreatment is nearly as crucial as finding him. We must take care to avoid jeopardizing the ongoing criminal investigation while doing this.

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An investigation into Noel’s whereabouts started, and Rodriguez-Singh, her husband Arshdeep Singh, and their six kids took a flight to India. The family’s residence had a carpet that, according to investigators, once contained human remains. According to investigators, Arshdeep Singh threw away the sizable indoor/outdoor carpet in the garbage before the family left the country.

For abandoning and putting a kid in danger, Rodriguez-Singh and Singh have been issued felony warrants. To locate Rodriguez-Singh and her husband in India, FOX 4 contacted the FBI on Tuesday. According to a spokesman, the agency continues to support the inquiry but is unable to provide further details.

Since an Amber Alert was issued on March 25 as a result of a tip to CPS, police have been looking for Noel. Since then, the Endangered Missing Persons Alert and the Amber Alert have been terminated. Everman police reported last Friday that the probe changed from a search to a death investigation.

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In a statement released on Friday, Chief Spencer said, “Relax, investigators are devoted to this investigation and doing everything they can to locate Noel as quickly as we can. However, this process is undoubtedly taking longer than any of us would like.


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