Here's Why Emily Ratajkowski Quit Acting Career

Here’s Why Emily Ratajkowski Quit Acting Career

In the end, Emily Ratajkowski explained her decision to stop performing. In an interview, she discussed her career and the reasons she left Hollywood. According to reports, she essentially stopped performing because Hollywood is so “f****d up.” Emily, who hasn’t been in a film since “Lying and Stealing” in 2019, stated, “I didn’t feel like I was just an artist playing for my audience.

I felt like I was being judged and asked, “Does she have anything else but her ?” In order to succeed as an actor in Hollywood, Ratajkowski stated she had to learn how to become “digestible to strong men in Hollywood.” As a result, she sacked her manager, commercial representative, and acting agent in the early months of 2020.

Ratajkowski declared, “I didn’t believe them. “I responded, “I can handle taking calls. These choices will be mine to make. I don’t think any of you care about me. And you all despise females.” She considered how women are treated in Hollywood in an essay she wrote for her best-selling book My Body.

Ratajkowski wrote in the essay about attending a WME party with her ex-husband, Sean Bear-McClard. She remembers his agent telling her she was so well-known she was “like Pamela Anderson before the hep C,” and that he was “obviously drunk,” according to what she wrote.

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“I considered the way [Bear-McClard] had glided through the room, a room full of guys who just two years earlier had been kissing Harvey Weinstein’s ring and enticing his young female clients to meet with him in hotel rooms,” the author of the article said. In her book “My Body,” Ratajkowski writes in an essay.

“I despised that my spouse had even the slightest connection to these guys.” Maybe for that reason, Ratajkowski told the publication, “I’m not very interested in men’s POVs right now. “given that they were lies. I don’t mean infidelity, either. The world is messed up.

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Hollywood, for example, is messed up. It’s dark, too… Even attending that celebration was difficult for me. But having a piece of me so entwined with it made it difficult, “She said. Bear-McClard, who has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women, is the subject of Ratajkowski’s tense divorce and custody dispute.


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