Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton Engaged Report

Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton Engaged: Report

Congrats go to Chris Appleton, famous hairstylist, and Lukas Gage, star of The White Lotus! The pair got engaged a few weeks ago, a source claims. The pair made their red carpet debut together last month. People in their circle are surprised by how quickly everything occurred, but they are thrilled for them, the insider continues.

They appear to be the real stuff. According to another source close to Appleton, “For a very long time, Chris has been searching for something genuine. This has happened quickly, yet he is mesmerized by Lukas.” Gage and Appleton’s representatives declined to comment. The couple only recently began discussing their relationship openly.

They exchanged a few social media photos in the days before their red carpet debut, and Appleton just admitted they were dating on The Drew Barrymore Show. Appleton, 39, joined the presenter in the on-set kitchen of the program’s March edition to discuss how he feeds his hair from the inside out.


While mixing his smoothie with Barrymore, the hairdresser, whose clients include Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, added a secret ingredient to encourage libido as well as hair growth and blood flow. Chris, you know that I am libido challenged, but how’s your libido lately? Barrymore sarcastically said after learning of his two-in-one ingredient

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Appleton answered, “In fact, it’s quite good. I’m not bad at all.” When Barrymore inquired about anyone in Appleton’s life who he wanted to talk about, the man couldn’t help but brag about his girlfriend. “Well, that’s true. Please hear me out “he stated. “Very much in love, and I’m grateful to be able to spend time with such a beautiful person.

Meeting someone you connect with and falling in love are two incredibly special things, in my opinion.” Barrymore responded immediately, “And you are such a wonderful person; I’m sorry, but you are the world’s best catch… Nobody deserves happiness more, in my opinion.

Do you two have a picture? He’s called Lukas Gage, look at you people.” At the Tequila Don Julio Rosado launch party in Beverly Hills, California, earlier this month, Gage, 27, who had previously acted evasive when questioned about his relationship, began to open up.

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“You’re going to meet the right person when you least expect it because I was single for a very long time and never imagined that would be the case, but it is. It will transpire, “said Gage. Just a few days prior, Gage appeared on the Today Show and spoke about how content he has been with Appleton.

Gage remarked, “I feel very fortunate, very pleased, and very much in love.” “He is a handsome man. I couldn’t help myself because of something about being in London that gave me a taste of the British.” He continued after seeing a picture of the two snowboarding: “We’re snowboarding, how cute. Together, we are amusing. It’s best when we go on excursions.”


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