Who is Phoebe Bridgers Dating Relationship Timeline (5)

Is Pauly D Still Dating Nikki: Relationship Status

Viewers of Jersey Shore Family Vacation may have noted Nikki’s disappearance from the most recent season, but their social media accounts demonstrate that they are happily dating after they initially connected in 2019. But they haven’t yet gotten married. Many have wondered if Pauly D has proposed to Nikki, but despite their initial meeting on a public dating program for everyone to witness, they generally keep their love lives out of the spotlight.

Nikki and Pauly D are still together

Nikki stated on February 17 that Pauly D and she are still dating. Although they don’t usually disclose their relationship on social media, the Jersey Shore star follows her and five other people on Instagram. She hasn’t been on the most recent Jersey Shore:

Who is Phoebe Bridgers Dating Relationship Timeline (6)

Family Vacation, but she still has videos on her TikTok website, the most recent from October 2022, that demonstrate how well the couple gets along. They even deal with speculations that they are dating. In a recent TikTok video, Nikki responded to inquiries about why they don’t share images of themselves and whether they are still dating. “We like our peace respectfully,” she said.

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Pauly and Nikki met in 2019

Nikki and Pauly D have been dating for a while. 2019’s Double Shot at Love season 1 is where they first met. They got back together to film season 2 in Las Vegas, and after a rocky start, they were able to make up. Although Pauly decided not to pursue a serious relationship with her after season 1, Nikki, 30, held off on making their relationship official for a while.

Fans discovered they were quarantined in Las Vegas together in October 2020. Pauly’s girlfriend and his Jersey Shore co-star have had disagreements. A wine brawl broke out between Nikki and Angelina Pivarnick on a September 2022 show after the Staten Islander splashed wine on Nikki.

Rumors that Nikki Hall and Pauly D are “engaged”

As she was seen with a ring on her fourth finger in the most recent TikTok she shared with Pauly, Nikki and he is the subject of “engagement” speculations. Supporters assumed he had proposed when they quickly noticed the gleaming jewelry. Pauly received criticism for pretending to propose to Nikki on their anniversary during season 4 of the show.

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It wasn’t the true gesture, though, as neither of them has publicly declared their engagement on social media. Although the ‘engagement’ rumors surrounding Nikki and Pauly D have not been verified, they have admitted that they value their privacy as a relationship.


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