Joker 2 Ends Filming, Photos Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix Released 

Joker 2 Ends Filming, Photos Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix Released 

Oscar-winner For the eagerly awaited Joker sequel, Lady Gaga has finished filming her parts as Harley Quinn. In the absence of any potential reshoots, the singer and actress declared on Twitter that she is finished. The entire film has finished filming, according to director Todd Phillips’ Instagram post.

Gaga captioned the image of herself in costume, “That’s a wrap,” and also included the name of the photographer. Said Phillips, “It’s all done now. Many thanks to these two, along with the rest of the cast, and the Greatest staff the movie business has to offer. from the top down. I’m about to enter an editing room like a cave and put it all together.”

There is still some time before Joker 2 is ready for publication; it is titled Joker: Folie à Deux and arrives in October 2024. In his social media post, Phillips stated that he is currently working in the “cave” to edit Joker 2 and “put it all together.”

Joaquin Phoenix returns as the lead in Joker 2 and leaked images from the set have revealed the Joker and Harley in several scenes. Phoenix as the Joker is depicted in a fresh image posted by director Todd Phillips recently (click the “next photo” button below to see him).

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Phoenix received an Oscar for playing the Joker in a movie that broke box office records and brought in more than $1 billion globally. In addition to winning the Best Actor Oscar for Joker, composer Hildur Gunadóttir also won the Best Original Score, Oscar.

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Along with Scott Silver and other writers, Todd Phillips is back to write and film Joker 2. Together with newcomers like Brendan Gleeson and Catherine Keener, Zazie Beetz from the first film is back. Our editors independently chose the products we’ve covered here. If you purchase something listed on our website, GameSpot might receive a portion of the sale.


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