Chris Martin Needs Physiotherapy to Help Him Get Prepared for Gigs

Chris Martin Needs Physiotherapy to Help Him Get Prepared for Gigs

To get Chris Martin ready for the stage, a group of physiotherapists is required. Coldplay’s 46-year-old frontman remarked that the band had to approach performing in such enormous arenas as soccer players do before their games in the same locations since it is harder to prepare for stadium performances now than it was ten years ago.

According to a remark from him in the Daily Star Sunday’s Wired column, “Some of the preparations change as the venues resemble sports.” I don’t drink, but the rest of the band did when we were performing in bars. In addition, practicing for a large soccer match in a stadium is similar to knowing you’ll experience some muscle problems.

I’m getting older, so I’m doing what you might expect a retired football player to do if you told them you had to play this afternoon: I’m stretching and creaking a lot, and I keep asking people to adjust this and loosen that.” And Chris acknowledged that his buddy Beyoncé has been experiencing similar knee problems, so he’s not the only musician who feels the strain of performing.

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He stated: “After the Grammys, I saw Beyoncé, who is both my sister and my hero. But it’s hilarious because she’ll reply, “Oh, me too,” yet I have knee issues from performing on stage. Nobody else can talk about the identical work issues that you have.The “Fix You” singer is content with what he has to offer fans even though he doesn’t think he’ll ever be as much of a showman as other performers.

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He stated: “We seem to have relaxed into being who we are without worrying about looking foolish. I’m not even close to being as skilled on stage as Mick Jagger or Beyonce, but I’m unquestionably the best at being myself.


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