NYC’s  Museum of Failure Opens  to Make Us Feel Improve Our Lives

NYC’s Museum of Failure Opens to Make Us Feel Improve Our Lives

If you initially fail, send it to the Museum of Failure. At Brooklyn’s Industry City complex, a brand-new gallery specializing in retail items that have failed commercially launched earlier this month. According to its website, The Museum of Failure gathers “failed products and services from around the world,” providing what it terms a “fascinating learning experience” into unsuccessful innovation.

The website says, “Every item provides unique insight into the perilous business of innovation. The goal of the museum is to encourage fruitful dialogue on failure and motivate people to take calculated risks.

More than 159 retail products that didn’t quite catch on are on display at The Museum of Failure, including the much-maligned Google Glass and the doomed DeLorean automobile, which gained notoriety through the “Back to the Future” film series.

In addition, the 2003 Nokia N-Gage smartphone, which despite its failure in the US helped jump-start Finland’s mobile gaming industry, and the 1985 Coke II, also known as New Coke and revisited in Season 3 of the nostalgic Netflix series “Stranger Things,” made it into the museum’s less-than-holy halls.

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Bic for Her pens, which were introduced in 2011 and distinguished themselves from other writing implements mainly by their dazzling, vibrant hues, are also included in the carnival of shame. Dr. Samuel West, a certified psychologist with a doctorate in organizational psychology, was the curator of the exhibition.

West’s inspiration for the touring exhibit came from his belief that the biggest barrier to creativity is the fear of failure. “The goal of my study is to support organizations in becoming more innovative. The fear of failure is another significant barrier to creativity, according to West, who recently spoke with CBS New York.

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Hence, I was experimenting with the following notion: “How can I convey the research findings and the significance of admitting failure?” Jim Somoza, general director of Industrial City, stated that hosting the unique display felt extremely “on brand” for his company.

We take a lot of risks when working on a project like this, and we have many enterprising tenants who do the same. These tenants have had their fair share of mistakes as well as achievements, so it seemed appropriate. Tickets for the exhibition, which is scheduled to run through May with a potential extension into June, can be bought on the museum’s website.


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