Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Star Hideki Kamiya Gave Hope Fans That They Are Working Hard on the Upcoming Season

The lack of updates about “Bayonetta 3” over the last few months became a cause for concern to some fans speculating that the silence could be an articulation of a launch delay. While the correct release date of the game is still unknown, executive director Hideki Kamiya has reassured the fans that they are continuously working hard for the release of the game.

Video game fans generally expect developers to push out more updates and teasers once a game is about a year or a few months away from launch. In the case of Bayonetta 3, PlatinumGames released its latest trailer last September, and no other significant announcements were released in the following months after this news.

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Kamiya promised fans that their work on “Bayonetta 3” continues in production in an interview with IGN Japan. The director did not indicate a likely uncertainty in the interview, which should be suitable for worrying fans. Additionally, it is also worth mentioning that the game is still included in the list of titles launching in 2022 on Nintendo’s financial report released earlier this month.

Bayonetta 3 Release Date

There has been no release date disclosed yet for the release of Bayonetta 3 by the official.

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Gameplay

Bayonetta 3 has now given its viewers the first full gameplay trailer. The game is always back to utilizing a handful of complex moves, pulling off insane combos, and achieving high scores. The game’s animations look just as stylish as ever, and it seems the combat still revolves around the player’s swift reflexes.

We can also expect many unique enemies and leaders that Bayonetta will face. Hopefully, all are layered within unique environments that best utilize the series’s themes. We honestly cannot wait to get back to viewing stylishly striking a pose while unloading a barrage of bullets into the angels and demons.

Bayonetta 3 Trailer

In this trailer, we will see the character who’s currently prepared to be Cereza from the original Bayonetta game, but now, she is much older. She even comes into the scene, saying, “it seems I am unfashionably late,” which is funny since the game got announced four years ago.

Another scene from this crazy trailer depicts Bayonetta hailing a giant creature, controlling it to attack an enormous enemy, and even riding it across skyscrapers to pursue a monster.

Even after seeing some gameplay, we still have no idea what Bayonetta 3 will be about and what it will offer, but a few leaks have suggested some things to look forward to. The most exciting thing is a rumour that states many of the game’s setpieces will occur in outer space, and these areas will be presented at a much grander scale than seen in previous versions.

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This same leak suggests that Bayonetta 3 intends to present a far more melancholy theme and treat its protagonist differently, with her outfits being less ridiculous than before. The amount of sexual content will be reduced. Furthermore, Bayonetta 3 could be using the same engine seen in NieR: Automata, and it’s predicted the game will look far better than Bayonetta 2.

With the game launching nearly a decade after the second game’s release, new fans might be wondering if they can dive right into the third instalment. Kamiya advised against it. He noted that the stories in the first two titles were written so that players could start the series with either game, and the same principle was applied to “Bayonetta 3.” However, Kamiya commented, “If you haven’t played the first and second games, I think you will be missing out.”

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