The Northman: What About The Storyline? Everything You Need To Know!

The Northman: What About The Storyline? Everything You Need To Know!

The Northman is one of the most highly anticipated movies by fans in 2022. The star cast is incredible, and it features Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, Ethan Hawke, and Anya Taylor-Joy.

The film is directed by one of the most compelling new directors, Robert Eggers. Also, from what little we know about The Northman plot, it’s going to be a must-watch film for historical movie fans and those who love mythology and family revenge stories.

The slow burn depiction of a family that is down with doubt and ripe with the guilt of their sin being afflicted by a witch hidden in the woods is oppressively unsettling. The Witch set the trend for A24 and horror that saw a slew of horrific dramas debut in its successful footsteps and take the inspiration for it. A24 and Eggers had released The Lighthouse to similar critical praise four years later. The director’s propensity for period pieces–and their era-specific dialects–makes him invariably to Iceland’s frosty island. Yes, Eggers’ new movie is an epic Viking revenge tale boasting a breathtaking cast titled The Northman.

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The film has been in active development since 2019 and will finally be released in 2022. Eggers has built his reputation in Hollywood as a trustworthy filmmaker who creates historically accurate, aesthetically pleasing films to watch and share with their audience.

The Northman production and filmmaking were leaked in 2019 itself. Rumors immediately began swirling surrounding casting and about the scale. Eggers said he’d been thinking about how he would bring audiences to the Viking era for two years already, he said in the press release.

Here’s all that we know about the release of The Northman.

The Northman: What About The Storyline? Everything You Need To Know!

The Northman Release Date

The Northman will arrive exclusively in theatres on April 22, 2022, and we certainly can’t wait. After a lengthy delay during production, The Northman film had faced another small delay in its theatrical release, moving the release date from April 8 to April 22 in 2022.

The Northman Cast

Emmy winner Alexander Skarsgård plays the lead role of a Viking Prince named Amleth in The Northman.

Skarsgård told UNILAD that this role was his dream and even joked that he could retire now.

Anya Taylor joy takes the role of an enslaved person named Olga and helps Amleth on his way to get revenge.

Ethan Hawke is the story’s sacrificial king named King Horwendil.

Nicole Kidman plays the role of Amleth’s mother, Queen Gudrún.

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Several other notable characters like William Dafoe will be in the role of Heimir the fool, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie will be a part of the movie. Claes Bang from BBC’s Dracula will play the part of the primary antagonist Fjolnir.

The Northman Plot

Written by Robert Eggers and Icelandic writer, Sjón, the official IMDB storyline description calls The Northman an action-filled, epic, and quite an adventurous film that follows a young Viking prince on his quest to avenge his father’s murder. The story is loosely based on the Scandinavian legend that inspired Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In The Northman, Amleth, who is the Viking Prince, flees his home following an attack on his kin, and he spends the rest of his life devoted to the hypothesis that states: “I will avenge you, father. I will save you, mother. I will kill you, Fjölnir.”

The Northman Trailer

The first trailer for The Northman was released last year on December 20, 2021. As for now, The Northman is set for a theatrical release in April, and we certainly cannot wait to see Eggers characters in action.

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  1. looks a lot like Michael Ennis’ Byzantium’ which for what ever reason hollywood has failed to make.
    Heralda Siguardsson the bastard son of Olaf the Great
    the film seems to have a lot of the same story without actually using the names and in exactly the same era?

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