Jamie Lee and Lindsay Lohan in 'freaky Friday' Sequel (1)

Jamie Lee and Lindsay Lohan in ‘freaky Friday’ Sequel

When it comes to making sequels to nearly flawless movies, there are occasions when it’s best to give up while you’re ahead. Disney is reportedly disregarding this advice and pressing through with a Freaky Friday sequel. Still, the studio relies on its two secret weapons: Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, who are anticipated to make their respective 20-year comebacks as Tess Coleman and Anna.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that a sequel is formally under production and that a script is now being written. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Curtis said that she called Disney immediately following her press tour for Halloween Ends, where she was constantly questioned about the likelihood of a Freaky Friday sequel ever happening.

“Something touched a chord,” she remarked. When I got home, I called my Disney buddies and said, “I feel like a movie needs to be made.” Jamie and I are open to it, so we’re putting it in the right people’s hands, Lohan continued. Only anything that people would utterly adore would we produce.

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Before Curtis and Lohan took on the mother-daughter combo roles in Freaky Friday, the 1972 novel of the same name by Mary Rodgers had previously been adapted twice. Freaky Friday was published in 2003. The 1995 and 1976 versions starred Shelley Long, Gaby Hoffman, Barbara Harris, and Jodie Foster.

However, the sequel has no sources besides the original novel and subsequent movies. Elyse Hollander will write the film’s script. Curtis discussed why Freaky Friday had attracted audiences of all ages since its release in an October 2018 interview with Rolling Stone. “Because the conflict between adulthood and adolescence is one that everyone faces.

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We all hold both sides in really high regard. It’s that proverb, ‘Walk a mile in my shoes,'” she explained. “Freaky Friday is one of those fantastic examples of when you’re confronting someone because their restrictions enrage you. Once you put yourself in their situation, you realize that all limits exist for a purpose.


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