Writers Guild of America is on Strike You Need to Know

Writers Guild of America is on Strike: You Need to Know

Seth Meyers is supporting the writers in Hollywood. Seth Meyers discussed the Writers Guild of America strike on his “Late Night with Seth Meyers” broadcast on Friday during the “Corrections” segment. “I’m good at one thing, which is writing, and I love writing so much,” Meyers told the audience.

I get to be a professional writer, and I am immensely proud of it,” he concluded. “I bring this up because there could be a writers’ strike as of Monday at midnight. Additionally, a writers’ strike would halt the production of many shows. During his tenure as “Saturday Night Live” host, Meyers discussed a prior WGA strike that lasted 100 days between 2007 and 2008.

The wonderful non-writing personnel on these shows is also affected, he continued, so it doesn’t only harm the writers. And that would be a terrible experience for individuals to go through, especially in light of the recent terrible pandemic that affected everyone, not just those in the entertainment industry.

Hours before the strike was formally declared, Meyers brought up the talks again on Monday night’s episode, warning that if a solution wasn’t made, “this show will be interrupted and we won’t be here to spend time with you.” He subsequently said, “This is a show that is founded on excellent writing.  In addition, Meyers made a joke about how “strong writing is essential to this show, it’s essential to any show where the host is at best a C+ performer.” “Really need the jokes!”

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The TV star added, “I love writing, and I love writing for TV.” “I love writing this show, I love that we get to come in with a plan for what we want to do every day and work on it all afternoon, and then I get the pleasure of coming out here and saying those words to you,” the show’s creator said.

Nobody has a right to work in the entertainment industry. However, those who work in the entertainment industry have a right to just compensation, Meyers said. “They have a right to support themselves. I believe that the guild is making a perfectly reasonable demand, and I endorse that demand.

98% of guild members voted in support of going on strike last month if a new contract couldn’t be signed before their current one expired at 11:59 pm PDT on Monday. As studios and streamers claim to be feeling the effects of the recession, they are calling for better pay and data transparency.

It’s anticipated that “Late Night” and other topical comedies with writing teams will be among the first programs where viewers will immediately see the effects of a strike. The majority of late-night shows broadcast repeats during the strike of 2007–2008.

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Late last week, Meyers informed his audience that the strike would be to blame if they didn’t see him in the upcoming days. He continued by expressing his “extreme optimism” that a compromise could be reached. He added, “I also believe firmly that what the writers are requesting is not unreasonable. And as a proud member of the Guild, I’m quite appreciative that there is a group that protects writers’ interests.

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