Angelina's New Boyfriend Vinny Relationship Timeline

Angelina New Boyfriend Vinny: Relationship Timeline

to the following! During the sixth season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina Pivarnick is introducing the world to her new lover, Vinny Tortorella. Nearly a year has passed since the reality star’s divorce from her ex-husband, Chris Larangeira, was legally finalized in May 2022. To find out more about Vinny and his connection to Angelina, keep reading!

When did Vinny Tortorella and Angelina Pivarnick start dating?

In a September 2022 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina referred to her on-screen costar Vinny Guadagnino by saying she was dating someone named Vinny. The two have been together ever since they connected on Instagram.

Has Vinny Tortorella Appeared on ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’?

In a March 2023 episode of the sixth season of the show, Vinny—referred to by the actors as “Vinny 2.0″—was introduced to the audience for the first time. “We’re taking things a little more seriously now. In the episode, after Vinny kissed her and gave her a bouquet as a surprise, Angelina comments, “Things have been heating up between us and we’re moving along in our relationship.

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“Yes, Vinny is his name, and he’s from Staten Island. What the f-king are the chances of that? At the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere in February 2023, the couple made their red carpet-debut. A picture of the two at a wedding was uploaded to Instagram later that month by a user with the handle @mtv_reality_teaa.

On April 6, 2023, when the first episode of the show airs, Angelina’s new man will be introduced to viewers after joining the cast for their journey to New Orleans. The “Queen of Staten Island” welcomed Vinny discreetly during a preview peek of the show while her co-stars and their kids went out for a “family fun day.” When they got back together, Angelina couldn’t help but swoon over her man.

“At this time in my life, I need this. In my previous relationship, I didn’t feel appreciated. In a confessional clip, she stated, “I would wear lingerie and go around the house half-naked and he wouldn’t even look at me. “Getting into a relationship with a man who enjoys being intimate and who constantly compliments you on your beauty is difficult. I mean, Vin won’t let go of my hand. Being adored feels wonderful in this new world.

What is the role of Vinny Tortorella?

Model Vinny 2.0 graduated from Wagner College with a degree in accountancy. He doesn’t use social media.

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How Old is Vinny Tortorella?

When first discussing him with her castmates, Angelina joked that he was 19; however, she has since clarified her remark. People believe he is a 19-year-old living in my garage, and I’m like, “Wait, what? ” ToFab was told by Angelina in January 2023. “From where did that come? Have you seen the episode in which I stated that he was 19? He isn’t 19. He is in his thirties.


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