US Politican Social Media App Hacked on Launch Day

A social media platform getter was launched by Jason Miller, senior advisor of former US President Donald Trump. Although it was about to embark on July 4, it was launched on July 1 before Independence Day in the United States. The social media platforms claim to be a non-bias network for people all around the globe. It also claims that the platform is based on independent thought, cancel culture, free speech, and political censorship.

The app is available in the Apple store and Google play store. The app can be used by people o of the age group 17 and above as it has an M rating. The look and feel of Getter are pretty similar to the Twitter platform, and it also has some standard features like the Trending section, Uploads videos, and pictures; users can follow others.

The platform’s promotion and advertisement, the three-minute video, online streaming, and 777 character post were done on the application and site. The tagline for the forum is the marketplace of ideas. Tim Murtaugh, who is the former spokesperson of trump, was also a consultant for the app. Steve Bannon, the former Trump adviser, said getter” as the Twitter killer” in one of his posts.

The app has more than one million signs up as soon as it was launched. The involvement of Donald Trump in the getter app launch is still unclear, but there was a post about Getter in 2015by right-wing media Newsmax. In 2019 the former communication director of the Trump 2020 campaign had also posted about Getter.

Donald Trump was banned from social media platforms, i.e., Twitter and Facebook; he did not have any medium to connect with the audience. He had started his blogs; however, it did not work well and was closed. Getter was the best option for him at that moment, and the app was launched by his associates with whom he had worked in the past.

The spokesperson of Getter also said that it was solely the decision of former president Donald Trump whether he wasn’t to join the platform or not. However, they had an account reserved for him. The app was soon hacked and the pro-trump social media app hacked with pro-Palestinian messages defaced on the account profile.

The account profile of many users was replaced with@ juba Baghdad. Mike Pompeo, former Us secretary of state, also has his page’s header replaced with @juba Baghdad. According to a Twitter user @Juba Baghdad the app was easy to hack, and he did it just for fun.

The first account was hacked at around 8.30 am, and the accounts by returned to as they were before. Soon after, several questions were raised about the app’s privacy, and it impacted the number of profiles on the platform. Initially, the miller decided to stay quiet about the matter until later miller responded that, i.eThe matter was solved in a minute and the hacker or the intruder could only change the user’s name. However, Getter faced many other issues, like the platform was bombarded with pornographic GIFs and images as soon as the platform posted the welcome post.

Photoshop images of a naked woman’s body with the face of Hilary Clinton were also circulated on the forum. The platform also was bombarded with photos of men in underwear. The app had much such content, which was fury porn. Leftist memes were also trending in the social media platform getter. The app did not even filter out such constants immediately like other social media apps because the platforms claim freedom of speech.

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