Sánchez Gives More Weight To Economic Ministries To Accelerate Exit From Crisis

Sánchez gives more weight to the economic ministries to accelerate the exit from the crisis. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has surprised this Saturday with a remodeling of the Cabinet that he had denied until just a few hours ago.

In addition, the change of a third of the Council of Ministers and of fundamental names in the president’s Praetorian guard have caught many analysts on foot. But an idea emerges crystalline from the new changes: Sánchez reinforces the power of the economic bloc to support a quick exit from the crisis.

In this way, the three vice-presidents who will be from now on will be economic and rise one position after the departure of Carmen Calvo. Nadia Calviño will be the first vice-president, while Yolanda Díaz ascends to the second and Teresa Ribera rises to the third vice-presidency.

Calviño becomes Pedro Sánchez’s right-hand man at a fundamental moment for the Spanish economy. His career within the European Union was one of the fundamental factors for his signing in 2018, and it is key for European funds for recovery to reach Spain in full .

In addition, there have been no changes in the other two economic pillars of this Government. Despite the controversies over the pension reform, José Luis Escrivá will continue to be the Minister of Inclusion , Social Security and Migration, while María Jesús Montero will remain as Minister of Finance and also wins the branch of Public Function.

On the other hand, and apart from the Executive power, the modification also supposes an endorsement of Yolanda Díaz’s role as an interlocutor for Podemos within the Government . Not only did the vice presidency pass into his hands after the departure of Pablo Iglesias from the Ministry of Social Rights, but it has been his negotiation with Sánchez that has prevented the Podemites from losing weight in the coalition.

In this way, the five portfolios of the ‘purple party’ are maintained, and the bicephaly in the leadership of Unidos Podemos is fed between Díaz herself and the minister and secretary general of the party, Ione Belarra.

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