Casey Anthony at Disney World Resort With a FriendCasey Anthony at Disney World Resort With a Friend

Casey Anthony at Disney World Resort With a Friend

For “Disney Adults,” Walt Disney World Resort can be a fantastic vacation destination. When most people think of “Disney Adults,” they probably picture an adult Disney Park Guest dressed in Disney-inspired attire, enjoying a Mickey bar on their way to Space Mountain, or having their picture taken in front of Cinderella Castle.

However, the majority of people probably won’t picture formerly suspected murderers. Casey Anthony appears to be one of the newest “Disney Adults” to join the group. The formerly charged but convicted defendant was reportedly sighted Friday in Orlando when she checked into a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, according to a report from TMZ.

TMZ continued, “It appears that Casey will spend the weekend taking advantage of everything Walt Disney World has to offer… Additionally, “Tot Mom” is traveling with an adult companion, so she doesn’t have to worry about pushing strollers or keeping the kids entertained at the Mouse House.

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Central Florida has a long history of producing Casey Anthony. Ironically, Anthony was a resident of Orlando in 2008 when Caylee Anthony, her daughter, was first reported missing. A few months later, when her daughter’s skeleton remains were discovered, she was detained and charged with first-degree murder.

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After Anthony entered a not-guilty plea and went on trial in 2011, the jury exonerated her of all charges of murder, manslaughter, and child abuse. She was finally found guilty of one offense only: lying to the police.

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