Netflix Sued Over the Cleopatra Documentary (1)

Netflix Sued Over the Cleopatra Documentary

A legal representative for Egypt has sued Netflix for portraying Pharoah Cleopatra in a new documentary as a Black woman. To get Netflix in Egypt banned for what he claimed was a historical distortion, attorney Mahmoud al-Semary filed a lawsuit with a public prosecutor.

Al-Semary alleged that the Netflix film falsifies Egyptian history in order to advance Afrocentrism. In the case, he also expressed his displeasure with the perverted standards, claiming that “most of what Netflix platform displays do not conform to Islamic and societal values and principles, especially Egyptian ones.”

He continued, “There must be pride in the makings of such work in order to preserve the Egyptian national and cultural identity among Egyptians throughout the world. Others criticized the documentary’s casting choices, with Egypt’s former minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass claiming that the portrayal of Cleopatra was “completely fake.” Because she was Greek, Cleopatra was blonde rather than black.

The controversy around the casting

Adele James, a British actress, was chosen by Netflix to play Cleopatra in what appears to be a contentious casting decision. We don’t often see or hear about black queens, so it was crucial for me, my daughter, and my community to be aware of these tales since there are so many of them. According to the BBC, James said.

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Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress, was originally slated to take on the role of Cleopatra. The decision, meanwhile, was met with a large response from the general public, who accused Netflix of glorifying the historical person. Despite the fact that Cleopatra was Macedonian, the decision led to campaigns calling for her to be recast and played by an actress from the Arab or African continent.

Gal Gadot told the BBC, “First of all, if you want to be honest about the facts, then Cleopatra was Macedonian. The ideal Macedonian actress to play Cleopatra was sought after. I was quite passionate about Cleopatra even if she wasn’t present.

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I have friends from all over the world, whether they are Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Atheists, Buddhists, or, of course, Jews, she continued. People are people, and I want to join you in honoring Cleopatra and celebrating her legacy. She is an incredible historical figure who I greatly appreciate.

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