Kathy Griffin Reveals 'Complex PTSD' Diagnosis '8-hour' Panic Attack

Kathy Griffin Reveals ‘Complex PTSD’ Diagnosis ‘8-hour’ Panic Attack

The mystery surrounding Kathy Griffin’s mental health is being lifted. The 62-year-old comedian disclosed on TikTok on Tuesday that she has been identified as having an “extreme case” of complicated PTSD.

Griffin stated that she thinks her ailment started five and a half years ago, about the time she came under fire for a 2017 photo in which she was seen clutching a Donald Trump mask drenched in blood-red ketchup. However, Griffin made no mention of the event. She continued by saying that receiving a lung cancer diagnosis in 2021 “didn’t help” her mental condition either.

“I have a ton of tools, but it is really demanding. In my life, I’ve never had anything like this, Griffin remarked. Griffin described her panic attacks in a new TikTok video that was published on Friday, as well as how she manages them. “Yesterday, I had a ridiculous eight-hour attack.

Griffin remarked, “Eight hours of crazy writhing in pain in the bed. “I started to feel a little uneasy because I thought one might be starting to develop. I’m currently walking, which is helping. Griffin acknowledged that she had never publicly discussed her PTSD issues but went on to describe the physical effects of her panic episodes.

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“I feel a tingling sensation in my chest as it first hits there. The third video included her saying, “Then it goes straight to my stomach. “PTSD stuff has plagued me for the last year and a half,” she stated in the caption of the video. It’s amusing. Although I don’t worry about performing, I do worry about life.

Griffin has been candid about how the contentious photo shoot has affected her emotionally. She spoke to ABC News’ “Nightline” in 2021 about her drug addiction struggles and suicidal thoughts in the years following the uproar. “To be told, ‘It’s over,’ by individuals in my own field. I’m going abroad for five years.

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You’ve embarrassed our sector, and on and on. It certainly affected me, she admitted in the interview. I eventually came to the conclusion that I was kind of in agreement. Like, I’ve had a terrific life, and I don’t think there’s a next chapter for me, so maybe it’s time for me to go on.


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