Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Release Date Update & More!

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Release Date: Update & More!

What an exciting moment to be a Kingdom Hearts fan, as Square Enix confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 4 is coming as part of the KH 20th anniversary celebration and that a mobile game is on the way. We eagerly await the release of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. We’ll grab our keyboards and jump back into older games to battle the Heartless just because a new Kingdom Hearts game is coming on small screens.

If you’re a fan of the Square Enix franchise like us, you probably want to know when KH Missing-Link will be released. Fortunately for you, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to gather all the valuable details about the game you need to know, including its release date, trailer, and plot. We also have a Kingdom Hearts keyblade buying guide, which recommends the Happy Gear as a good keyboard.

 Here is all the information you require regarding the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link: 

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link release date speculation

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Release Date Update & More! (1)

The release date for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is currently unknown. You can be sure that if we hear any rumours, we’ll update this guide as soon as new information becomes available.

What’s the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link story?

There aren’t many specifics yet regarding the plot of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. We do know that you set out from Scala ad Caelum and that it allows you to travel into the real world. Naturally, the Heartless are a part of this original plot as you fight them again.

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What are the platforms for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link?

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter which mobile operating system you use because Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will be available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

What do we know about the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link?

We now have more details on the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link courtesy of some tweets translated from the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Japanese Twitter account (thanks, KH13!). Your player character can be controlled in either GPS Mode or Pad Mode.

In Pokémon Go, your character moves along with you as you play, and so does GPS Mode. There is a Hands-Free Mode where battles are automatically fought, and you can participate in contests to earn AP. Pad Mode lets you control your character with a pad on your device’s screen, but it requires AP to fight enemies and open treasure chests.

When is the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link closed beta?

The Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link closed beta for iPhone users in Japan has begun and will expire on January 18. When a global closed beta takes, the place is unknown. Save this page to your favourites to see when it does. That concludes our knowledge about the release date for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.

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Is there a trailer for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link?

Of course, there is, and in the anniversary announcement video below, you can witness both the Kingdom Hearts 4 official trailer and the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link trailer.


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