The Hook Up Plan Season 3

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

When it comes to international shows, Netflix is truly a class of its own. The streaming giant has quite successfully explored the foreign genre, and they are not stopping any soon! With the new Netflix TUDUM event, many rumours have surfaced about “The Hook Up Plan Season 3” renewal. Now it’s time to dig deeper into the heaps of words and figure out their credibility!

The French comedy series has had two successful seasons up till now. And luckily, it does have the potential to grow more. The series follows a Parisian woman named Elsa who, like any average person, is having a hard time getting over her ex. But the only difference is that it has been two years! Seeing her miserable situation, her best friends devise a plan to get her out of her rut and force her to move forward in life. But this plan goes wrong, however, in a hysterical way!

The second instalment aired in 2019, and it got renewed for a new season shortly in December of 2020. We do have the confirmation news for The Hook Up Plan Season 3, but as we all know, Netflix is notorious for abandoning its series. With 2021 almost ending and still no news about the new episodes, what can you expect about the release date of The Hook Up Plan Season 3? You’ll read all about it below! 

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Release Date

Only two French shows have fared well on Netflix; Marseille and The Hookup Plan. The first one was not received as enthusiastically by the critics as the latter was. So, we do have high hopes from Netflix for a third season. The third season’s renewal allowed fans to catch a break, but the long drought of news has again thrown them into a state of despair.

The Hook Up Plan Season 3

If you’re one such fan, then great news for you! The third season was expected to get released this year only, but due to some complications, its premiere got delayed. Although we don’t have a final release date for The Hook Up Plan Season 3, we are pretty sure about it coming out in the first half of 2022. As this is just our wild speculation, the show can also premiere sooner or later than this. 

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Plot

Despite its generic plot, the series got the attention of millions. The second season’s ending was all over the place, so a third season was inevitable. But what will happen in the upcoming season? The Hook Up Plan Season 3 will likely pick up the story from where it ended in the prior season.

As Elsa and Junio got back together in “The Love Play”,” you’ll get to see the new era of their complicated relationship. And who knows, maybe this time things will work out for them. During Antoine and Emilie’s wedding reception, Charlotte caught the bouquet, which might be the writer’s way of hinting at her future!

Neither Netflix nor the writers have revealed the official plot synopsis yet. So, we can only assume the potential storyline for now. However, the writers will stick to its “Love Actually” theme, and you can expect a lot of exciting developments in the lives of the main characters.

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Cast

There is not much known about The Hook Up Season 3, except its renewal status. Similarly, there is no official cast lineup for it either. But the leading cast members will come back.

Zita Hanrot, Sabrina Ouazani, Joséphine Draï will reprise their roles of Elsa, Charlotte, and Emilie. Other potential cast members include; Syrus Shahidi as Antoine, Marc Ruchmann as Jules, Guillaume Labbé as Maxime, and Tom Dingler as Matthieu. Depending on the story development, you might even get to see some new faces! But to know about them, we’ll have to wait until the show makers decide to reveal it. 

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 does not have a trailer so far. The intricacy of the filming schedule is still unknown, so we can’t predict when we’ll get to see the official footage, but hopefully, it will be soon!

If you haven’t have seen the show yet, you must stream it now! Because it’s genuinely one of the best foreign shows which keep up with its rom-com theme very well. For more updates about The Hook Up Plan Season 3, stay tuned!

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