David Schwimmer Daughter Completely New Look! Check Here

David Schwimmer Daughter: Completely New Look! Check Here

Cleo, the daughter of David Schwimmer, has an entirely new look! The 9-year-old recently decided to cut off her long brown hair in favour of a shaved head, which was made possible by her mother Zoe Buckman’s excellent shearing abilities.

The English artist and photographer, 34, posted three images of her daughter on Saturday, including two after-cut shots and one in which Cleo grins broadly. At the same time, Buckman uses an electric razor to shave her head.

The babies listen to the world’s message to “burn it down and rebuild,” according to Buckman. “Among other things, it gives me hope to see how kids today challenge norms and standards in a way that we didn’t.” Paloma Faith said, “She looks amazing,” while Cush Jumbo added, “Oh, GO Cleo!!!” in the comments section. We can now spud heads.

Cleo is the sole child of ex-couples David Schwimmer, 53, and Buckman. After allegedly first meeting in London in 2007, the couple were married in 2010 and welcomed Cleo in May 2011. 2017 saw their disbandment. “We have decided to take some time apart while we determine the future of our relationship,” Schwimmer and Zeo Buckman wrote in a joint statement in April of that year.

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“It is with great love, respect, and friendship.” The statement continued, “Our daughter’s happiness and well-being are, of course, our top priority during this trying time, and we ask for your support and respect for our privacy as we continue to raise her together and navigate this new chapter for our family.

Schwimmer doesn’t frequently talk about his daughter, but in January 2018, the Friends actor shared a story with the Today Show about how he and Cleo, 612 at the time, discussed physical autonomy. “With my daughter, it’s more important to be aware of your body and personal space simply.

It’s more about protecting her personal space and giving her the self-assurance to speak out and speak out if anything she meets makes her feel uneasy, period, said the actor and first-time father. “Her body and hair belong to her. It is hers. Thanks to it, she has the strength and self-assurance to stand up and speak out.

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The bigger males behind her at school on Friday touched and kicked her somewhat. She looked at them as she turned around, and he continued. “I told Cleo, “Next time, you should turn around respectfully but firmly ask someone to stop touching me.

You must rise, leave, and seek out an adult if you do that twice and they continue to touch you. It’s crucial to instil that kind of self-assurance at a young age. Additionally, Schwimmer stated that there should be “no shame about her body, about being in her body, and about understanding how her body works.”


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