Sanna Marin and Markus Räikkönen Announce Divorce

Sanna Marin and Markus Räikkönen Announce Divorce

Sanna Marin, the former prime minister of Finland, and her husband of three years, Markus Raikkonen, announced their decision to divorce on Instagram on Wednesday. “We are appreciative of our daughter and our 19 years of marriage. They vowed to stay best friends in separate Instagram stories.

The 5-year-old daughter of Marin and Raikkonen, who most recently worked at a venture capital business, is their joint child. While Marin was in office managing the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects, they married in 2020.

After her August 2020 wedding to Raikkonen, Marin posted on Instagram, “We have lived our youth together, entered adulthood together, and grown into parents for our dear daughter together.”

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Last month, Marin and her Social Democratic Party were defeated in Finland’s parliamentary elections, falling short of the right-wing National Coalition Party and the nationalist Finns Party.

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Even though domestic voters chose a new government, Marin, 37, who became the world’s youngest prime minister in 2019, is regarded by supporters worldwide as a millennial role model for progressive new leaders.


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