Are Zack and Bliss Still Together After 'love is Blind' Season 4

Are Zack and Bliss Still Together? After ‘love is Blind’ Season 4

When it came to participant Zack Goytowski from season 4, love wasn’t exactly blind. The zany 31-year-old criminal defense lawyer fell for two women in the pods: a 33-year-old senior program manager named Bliss Poureetezadi who gave him cupcakes for his birthday, and a woman who was sort of the pod mean girl and stirred up drama with a few other girls (26-year-old business owner Irina Solomonova).

Zack released Bliss in the pods and made an extremely awkward musical proposal to Irina while claiming to know her real nature. But it was obvious that something wasn’t quite right as soon as the two people met. blissful. The first time they met, they did not kiss, and things became much more awkward in Mexico.

When Irina asked her ex if he intended to seek out Bliss once they returned to their lives in Seattle, Washington, Zack said, “I don’t know,” and admitted, “Honestly, I was thinking about her the whole time we were together.” Eventually, after several days of discomfort, Zack and Irina called it quits in what Zack described as a “really weird breakup.”

Later in the episode, it cut to him meeting Bliss in person for the first time at a restaurant and saying, “You know I did, and I do too,” before immediately admitting, “I made the wrong choice.” As the latest batch of programs debuted on March 31, viewers were eager to hear Bliss’ response.

Despite Bliss’s skepticism about their future, there were undoubtedly sparks following their initial encounter. Finally, Zack proposed to her on a boat date, saying, “I met my person. No matter what I did. No matter how stupid I was, we were always going to end up here.

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Bliss admitted that she “thought about it,” but that their romance “feels right” despite Zack’s concerns; later, she confesses that she feels like a “second choice” despite Zack’s assurances that she is not. You’re my fiancĂ©e, and I’m intending to marry you, so no part of me wants to be with [Irina],” he tells her.

The couple can be seen getting ready on their wedding day and even making it to the altar in the promo video for upcoming episodes. Yet Bliss’ father can also be seen being quite skeptical, both before he walks Bliss down the aisle and even at a family meeting with Zack.

In a time before their wedding, Bliss says to Zack, “I want everything to feel entirely perfect. It’s Acceptable to change your mind about things. Your parents were divorced, mine got divorced. Romeo and Juliet didn’t work for a reason, Zack has heard saying to several male friends on his wedding day in a previous clip.

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“I don’t want to be in a marriage where your parents despise me,” he is heard adding. The Love Is Blind cast is renowned for deleting their social media accounts before to the show’s finale and reunion episodes, so this doesn’t necessarily indicate that Zack and Bliss aren’t following one another.

After some investigation, ET discovered that Zack shared some videos and images from a boat outing with a number of his co-stars earlier this month. Bliss posted a picture of various boats in the harbor on the same day even though she wasn’t in the films, which also featured Kwame Appiah and maybe Chelsea Griffin. Her photo was almost exactly like one Chelsea shared the same day.

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