First Heat-related Death in Harris County

First Heat-Related Deἀth in Harris County Sparks Urgent Call for Awareness and Action

The Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office has verified the region’s first deth attributable to excessive heat. The family of 67-year-old Victor Ramos stated that they never expected him to be a victim of the heat and wish to raise awareness about the hazards.

Karla Ramos stated that her brother grew up in California and spent his entire life working in sweltering warehouses, so she never imagined he would perish in his own home due to excessive heat. Before calling 911 for her brother that day, Karla Ramos said her brother had made several complaints.

Karla said –

“He told me that Friday, the 23rd, ‘I’m not feeling good. I’m feeling kind of tired.'”

She suggested that he take a shower and lie down.

“I went back at nine on Saturday morning, and he was gone. I found him with a bunch of saliva on the side, so I knew something was wrong.”

On June 24, Karla dialed 911, and Victor was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced decesed. The Harris County medical examiner verified that this was the county’s first heat-related deth.

Karla said –

“When I found him Saturday morning, it was mind-blowing because I never expected him not to have survived this.”

Victor Ramos
Victor Ramos

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The office of the medical examiner reported that Victor was in a home without air conditioning. They were aware that the AC was broken and had been working to fix it in the days preceding his demse, according to his sister.

Karla stated that she recently lost a sister and her mother and that this loss adds to the burden of caring for her ailing father. However, she wants people to be aware that a heat-related fatality can occur to anyone.

Karla said –

“If you have family help them out. If you can’t help them fix the AC, get some fans. $40 isn’t going to make you go broke.”

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