Missing 6-year-old Texas Boy Believed to Be Dead

Missing 6-year-old Texas Boy Believed to Be Dead

Police announced Thursday that the hunt for a 6-year-old Texas child who has been missing since October is now a death investigation and vowed to discover his body. Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, a resident of Everman, a city located within the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, was the subject of an endangered missing person warning from Texas officials late last month.

“It has led to a very sad, inconceivable, tragic conclusion that Noel has likely died,” Everman Police Chief C.W. Spencer said during a press conference on Thursday. “It has led to a very unfortunate, unimaginable, devastating conclusion that Noel is likely killed.”

When Spencer last saw Noel, he was “looking ill and underweight” and had just given birth to his twin sisters in October. According to the police chief, his mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, applied for passports for all of her children in early November except for Noel.


Around that time, according to Spencer, Rodriguez-Singh “began trying to explain the disappearance of Noel through various stories,” including allegedly telling people that he was in Mexico with his biological father, his aunt, or that Noel had been sold to another woman in a Fiesta Market parking lot.

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Investigators have been able to refute each of these claims, according to Spencer. According to police reports, Noel’s family claimed that Rodriguez-Singh was “abusive and inattentive” to him, frequently depriving him of food and water and even hitting him in the face with a pair of keys on one occasion, Spencer said. The police chief claimed that she also “referred to him as bad, possessed or having a demon in him.”

According to Spencer, Rodriguez-Singh, her husband Arshdeep Singh, and her other six children are currently in India. According to the police chief, arrest warrants have been filed for the couple on the criminal allegation of abandoning and endangering a child.

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Spencer stated, “We want these fugitives apprehended and extradited back to the United States so we can look for reasons for Noel’s disappearance. According to the chief, investigators are currently conducting recovery operations and planned searches to locate Noel’s body. Nobody is more eager, motivated, or determined to find Noel than this investigation team, according to Spencer.


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