Tears of a Kingdom Release Date Everything to Know About

Tears of a Kingdom Release Date: Everything to Know About

Link and Zelda promise to bring Hyrule’s majesty “even beyond” what it was at the beginning of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, despite Zelda’s diminished strength. Nintendo has been quite coy about where and how The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom picks up the tale, despite the fact that it has been said to be a direct successor to Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo even withheld the title of Tears of the Kingdom for years, revealing it only in 2022 due to concerns that it might “give away too much.” Since announcing Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo has purposefully disseminated fresh material via a number of trailers. We can learn some details about the game before it is released by examining those trailers. Start there, please.

What Date is the Release of the Tears of the Kingdom?

On May 12, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be released for the Nintendo Switch. The first first-party Nintendo Switch game to carry that higher-than-average price is going to cost $69.99. On that date, a $129.99 collector’s edition will also be offered.

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Tears of the Kingdom in print, an art book, a SteelBook case, an Iconart steel poster, and four pins are all included. Breath of the Wild was a launch title for both Wii U and Nintendo Switch when it was released in 2017. Only the Nintendo Switch will receive Tears of the Kingdom’s release.

Where Can I Get Tears of the Kingdom Online?

Whether you want the cheaper collector’s edition of the base version, we put up a complete guide on where you can pre-order Tears of the Kingdom. Here are a couple of links if you just want to pre-order now, but check that out for the complete details.

Amiibo and Tears of the Kingdom Work Together?

Indeed, we suspect Nintendo may not have disclosed all the information on amiibo Tears of the Kingdom compatibility. We already know that scanning specific Zelda amiibo will alter your glider’s appearance, but further features might be revealed closer to the game’s launch. You can already pre-order the new Link amiibo figure that Nintendo will release alongside Tears of the Kingdom.

What are the Tears of the Kingdom Plotline

Nintendo is not very forthcoming with the storylines of the Zelda games. Tears of the Kingdom, which Nintendo calls “an epic adventure over the land and skies of Hyrule,” is similar. In order to save the realm from evil forces, players will “harness the strength of Link’s new skills,” according to Nintendo.

The plot is purposefully unclear in several places, and the trailers don’t give away anything. In fact, some of what Nintendo has displayed seems to be an attempt at deception. Tears of the Kingdom is, at least in certain areas, significantly darker visually and tonally than Breath of the Wild.

The game’s trailers depict Link and Zelda in gloomy dungeons where evil is invading the planet, yet they also feature dazzling light as Link soars between floating islands.  We’ll see how the thrill of discovery, which is so important in Breath of the Wild, blends with the melancholy plot as it appears to be a game of balancing.

In a February clip, we can see what appears to be Ganon’s corpse awakening—possibly in its Ganondorf form. Hyrule Castle is pushed into the air by hatred, and Link is even attacked; his arm is charred and decaying from hatred. Also affected, corrupted, and melted is Master Sword.

Do the Gameplays Match?

Nintendo hasn’t demonstrated a lot of extended puzzles or battle gameplay, but we have seen new and improved ways to get through Hyrule. In addition to the axes, swords, shields, and arrows featured in the game’s previews thus far, Link also has a number of new weaponry that may be utilized against both well-known foes and unfamiliar foes.

A link has a strong, bright green arm in the Tears of the Kingdom previews; this is the arm that appears burned in the February trailer. The arm appears to contain abilities that will let players solve puzzles, alter the environment (and time itself), and employ other special abilities, much like Sheikah Slate and Runes did in Breath of the Wild, although Nintendo hasn’t revealed exactly what the arm does or how it functions. Fans have theories, as usual.

Is the Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom the Same?

Hyrule is the setting, although it’s unclear what has changed or whether the same geography and landscape from Breath of the Wild will be used. What is certain is that Hyrule is elevated into the skies above the ground by Tears of the Kingdom. In the first teaser, Hyrule Castle was depicted rising from the earth, while in the second, towers were seen collapsing as malice, like poison, propelled the castle upward.

Nintendo, however, showed Link floating over pillows of clouds with both his parasail and without before the castle erupted. As if they were carrots, pieces of Hyrule are plucked out of the ground and suspended closer to Hyrule’s earth. There are numerous perspectives of the altered world, which depicts Hyrule’s vastness as being divided into multiple distinct levels.

How will Link navigate?

Like in Breath of the Wild, Link will still travel through Hyrule on horseback and by paraglider, but it appears that in Tears of the Kingdom, he gets access to a few enhanced rides. In the third video, Link can be seen riding a hovercraft that resembles a massive drone, a hot air balloon, and a land vehicle that resembles an open-air sedan.

Oh, and he’s also seen skating on what appears to be his shield while shredding some gnar. These many modes of mobility indicate that the area in Tears of the Kingdom will be expansive—possibly wider than the world in Breath of the Wild—and that air vehicles are required to reach the floating fragments of Hyrule.

Do Armies’ Weapons Degenerate and Break in Tears?

With the exception of the mishandled Master Sword, which is likely unrelated to normal weapon longevity, Nintendo hasn’t provided any information about this. It is debatable whether or not weapons in Breath of the Wild degrade over time. All weapons frequently break. Some players find it appealing, describing it as a benefit to Breath of the Wild’s narrative that keeps players aware of the harsh reality of Hyrule.

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Others believe that it forces players to use a variety of weapons, perhaps some they would never choose on their own. But, for some people, frequent weapon switching and breaking in the middle of combat is aggravating, especially when it’s a weapon you’ve invested a lot of time and effort in getting, which encourages useless weapon hoarding. We simply don’t know where Tears of the Kingdom will stand on that.

Does Breath of the Wild Have to Be Played Prior to Tears of the Kingdom?

Breath of the Wild is a massive game, so starting now would certainly not hurt. It’s difficult to predict if new players will be perplexed or enter the story in media res because we don’t know anything about the story. Plenty of YouTube videos explain Breath of the Wild’s plot if you don’t want to play the game. However, if you want to shorten your journey, look over Polygon’s in-depth guides for Breath of the Wild.

What is the File Size of the Tears of the Kingdom?

According to Nintendo, the game will be 18.2 GB in size. This is one of the biggest games that Nintendo itself has released for the Switch, despite the fact that many other Switch games have much larger install sizes. In other words, if you need more storage, pick up a microSD card.

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