Casey Neistat Net Worth How Much Does He Make

Casey Neistat Net Worth: How Much Does He Make?

This page has information about Casey Neistat’s net worth, biography, age, wife, height, weight, income, assets, and a lot more. Casey Neistat has a net worth of $20 Million USD. He is a YouTuber, vlogger, and director. Casey Neistat is a popular and well-known person in the United States. Neistat is a very famous YouTuber who has earned a lot of respect for his work.

People know that Casey Neistat started the multimedia company Beme. CNN bought the company in the end, which made him very, very famous. Neistat is also known for his movies and vlogs, which are not on YouTube. Neistat has a silver button on YouTube, and more than 12.4 million people follow him on YouTube.

His number of views is over 3 billion, which is a very big number. In 2018, Casey Neistat made a piece of software called 368. It was made so that artists could work together. Casey Neistat has done more than just make movies. He has also been in them. Neistat has also won a number of prizes and honors.

Casey Neistat’s Net Worth

Casey Neistat is an American director, producer, and YouTube star with a $16 million net worth. As of this writing, he has 12 million YouTube subscribers and 3.3 million Instagram fans. Neistat also runs a creative coworking place called 368, and in May 2018, he and his wife started a podcast called Couples Therapy. CNN paid $25 million to buy Casey’s video app Beme in 2016.

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Casey Neistat’s Early Life

Casey Neistat was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, on March 25, 1981. He quit high school when he was 17 and never went back. When he was only 17, he moved out of his parent’s house and had his first kid, a son named Owen, with his girlfriend at the time, Robin Harris. They all lived together in a trailer park until he turned 20.

Casey Neistat’s Personal Life

Neistat and Candice Pool ran away to get married in Houston, Texas, in 2005. After one month, they decided to end their marriage. In February 2013, they got back together and got engaged. On December 29, 2013, they got married for the second time in Cape Town, South Africa. The couple has two girls, Francine and Georgie. Like Neistat, they are raising them in the Jewish faith. In 2019, the family moved from New York City to California.

Bio of Casey Neistat

American internet personality and entrepreneur Casey Owens Neistat is better known by his stage name, Casey Neistat. On March 25, 1981, Neistat was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, in the United States. Before relocating to Trailer Park with his partner, Neistat lived in Connecticut for the majority of his early years. In his sophomore year, Neistat also quit school. Actually, he and Robin Harris, his girlfriend, had a child.

Neistat had just turned 17 years old. After that, he also split from his family. Before relocating to New York City at the age of 20, Neistat lived at Trailer Park from the year 17 to the year 20. In his professional life, Neistat has put in a lot of effort, working as a dishwasher, short cook, etc. He put in a lot of effort before succeeding.

Career and Awards for Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat began his professional life in the year 2000. He started working in a number of films and television shows, which gave him early self-assurance and success. A few of his early films starred Tom Sachs. became well-known and successful after creating the three-minute film, iPod’s Dirty Secret. It received favorable reviews for how it affected the need to replace iPod batteries.

Later, he made numerous film and television appearances, including those in Daddy Longlegs, Project Power, 33, The Neistat Brothers, etc. He launched his CaseyNeistat YouTube channel in 2010. His early videos on YouTube largely dealt with daily life. His vlogs grew wildly popular, and he also felt pretty at ease with it.

He earned a silver button in 2013, a gold button in 2015, and a platinum button in 2018. CNN bought Beme, the multimedia startup he started. He also developed the online makers’ platform 368. Numerous honors and distinctions, including the Independent Spirit distinctions, Shorty Awards, and GQ Men of the Year, have been bestowed upon Casey Neistat.

Casey Neistat’s Early Filmmaking

By 2001, Neistat had moved to New York City because he thought Robin had left him. He got a job as a bike messenger there. Later that year, he and his brother Van began making movies about statues with the help of the artist Tom Sachs. Neistat didn’t start to make a name for himself until 2003. He made a short film called “iPod’s Dirty Secret” that made fun of Apple’s rules about changing iPod batteries.

It took less than a week for the video to get more than a million views on the internet. This caused a media frenzy, with BBC News and “Rolling Stone Magazine” among the sources that talked about it. Casey and Van made their own movie series called “Science Experiments” in 2004. The series was part of the 26th Sao Paulo Biennial and Creative Time’s 59th Minute Program.

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Each picture was 15 minutes long and showed random experiments. In 2008, The Neistat Brothers signed a deal with HBO for an eight-episode TV show that started in 2010. “The Neistat Brothers,” which came out on June 4, 2010, was written, directed, and made by the brothers.

Assets of Casey Neistat

Home: American celebrity Casey Neistat has amassed enormous name recognition and acclaim during his career. Neistat resides in Los Angeles and has a sizable home there. Neistat also owns a home in New York City, which he vacated in 2019. Casey Neistat has a big collection of vehicles. He is a well-known auto aficionado who enjoys driving some extremely expensive vehicles. He has two Porsches, an Audi, and a number of other exotic vehicles.

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