The Witcher Season 3 Trailer Shows Henry Cavill's Last Scene as Geralt

The Witcher Season 3 Trailer: Shows Henry Cavill’s Last Scene as Geralt

Henry Cavill’s final performance as Geralt of Rivia is currently being previewed on Netflix. In a teaser trailer for The Witcher season three, the streaming service features Cavill as the White Wolf. The video clip contains very little narrative.

Geralt is now truly terrified, though, and it’s obvious Ciri and Yennifer have even more to be concerned about. The Witcher’s third season will be broken into two parts, just like Stranger Things season four. The first book will debut on June 29; the remaining volumes won’t be available until July 27.

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That wasn’t entirely your choice. There was a chance that the difficulties of developing visual effects may necessitate splitting the season, as the show’s creator Lauren Schmidt Hissirch said in an interview with Collider this December. Fans may experience a bittersweet season.

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Many associate Cavill with the on-screen portrayal of Geralt because he is a well-known aficionado of all things Witcher (both the novels and the video games). In season four, Liam Hemsworth will take Cavill’s place. Although it’s too soon to predict Hemsworth’s performance, it’s safe to assume he’ll bring something unique to the part.


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