Outer Banks Season 3 Ending

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained!

The third season of Outer Banks can only be described as wild, and the season finale, which is a feature-length episode, is jam-packed with dramatic moments. Both the search for John B’s father Big John and the search by the Pogues for El Dorado, the city of gold in Venezuela, have come to a successful conclusion.

Naturally, nothing goes according to plan, and not everyone survives the ordeal unscathed. Let’s get right down to business and find out what transpired at the conclusion of the third season of Outer Banks, where there were not one but two deaths, multiple shootings, and the start of something brand new.

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Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained

That last episode had a lot going on, so jumping to the climax without context is harsh. We couldn’t drop you without a float. It’s here. Ward’s private plane gets John B (Chase Stokes) and company to the Orinoco basin, but don’t think he trusts him.

John plans to find Jose in Tres Rocas before visiting Solana, an ancient site, out of Ward’s hearing. Despite his best attempts, the untrustworthy Ward is listening to John’s conversations, which is bad. Barracuda Mike also helps Kie (Madison Bailey) and JJ (Rudy Pankow) reach South America. They join the gang at Tres Rocas.

Sarah (Madelyn Cline) and John B helped Big John escape, but Carlos Singh now targets them. Carlos’ men search the village for Big John. Once secure, Big John tells them he can’t translate the Gnomon, but he shows them the Danish Tanny letter with a supplementary translation key, which changes everything.

They find tour leader Jose near the river with this new information. Sadly, Ward also wanted to find Jose, and Singh’s men had to let him tag along to save time. Ward advises he waits behind to tell them of Singh’s arrival at El Tesoro because he’s too frail to hike.

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending
Outer Banks Season 3 Ending

John B and company find the Gnomon idol in the jungle, which snaps into place in the moonlight, offering unique hints. Clues to riddles they must solve. Big John distrusts his daughter-in-law Sarah, Ward’s daughter, thus teamwork is difficult. Big John helps them find El Dorado but doesn’t answer.

After receiving the next clue, Singh interrupts their plans. Ward has been working with Singh and sold Sarah and John B’s location. Big John refuses to translate the Gnomon’s secrets even when John B‘s life is in danger, leading to a firefight. They evade Big John’s shot.

Chase stokes, Madelyn cline grant, outer banks, season 3. Sarah shoots Ward when he tries to get her to join him on the dark side. Big John reveals the Gnomon clues as they reach the cave. John B and Sarah continue without him. After multiple false starts, they reach El Dorado, but it’s different.

Gold chunks dot the city of gold. But, Sarah and John take the gold and leave. Singh found them following Big John’s bloodied trail.

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How Outer Banks’ Season 3 Ending Sets Up Season 4

In the episode’s concluding minutes, we get a glimpse of the future eighteen months from now. At first glance, it appears that things have settled down for the teenagers. Sarah and John B. have purchased a surf store; Kie is helping to protect turtles; Pope is in school; and J.J. has acquired a charter boat.

Everything is peaceful and quiet until an unknown person enters intent on upsetting the status quo. The older guy gives them a document, the pirate Blackbeard’s captain’s log, which contains the promise of a fresh journey. That sneer on John B.’s face says it all. It sounds like there will be exciting new experiences, and he is more than ready for them.

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