Shaman King Episode 40

Shaman King Episode 40: Expected Release Date & Updates!

The manga based anime Shaman King is expected to release the new Episode 40 much sooner than one can imagine. The show makers announced the release date in 2022 on Netflix, right around the corner. Episode 40 will be available only for watchers in Japan.

Adapting the 1998-2004 shonen manga Shaman King is an exhilarating experience for its fans. Get ready to catch up with our Medium Yoh Asakura, who will be entering a battle tournament held every 500 years, competing with the other shamans to become the next, all-powerful Shaman King!

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Shaman King Episode 40 Release Date

Shaman King will come up with episode 40 on January 20, 2022! The latest episode will be up to stream on Netflix and other anime streaming platforms for its users in Japan. The makers have not announced any official date of release of the episode for its international fans. The timings of release are said to be :

  • Pacific Time: 1:55 AM
  • Central Time: 3:55 AM
  • Eastern Time: 4:55 AM

Shaman King Episode 40

The Shaman King was first aired in April 2021 and has been well-received and loved by its watchers. Fans can expect the new episode to be thrilling, dramatic, and a roller coaster of emotions.

Shaman King Episode 40 Cast

Jouji Furuta directed the anime, and Hiroyuki Takei and Shôji Yonemur wrote the series.  Shaman King, created by Bridge Animation Studiohas over 50 characters and is voiced by primarily Japanese and other voice actors.

The characters in Shaman King are namely Yoh Asakura, Ryuosuke Umemiya, Tao Ren, Horohoro Usui, Hao Asakura, Chocolove McDonnell, Lyserg Diethel, Manta Oyamada, Amidamaru, Tao Ren, Anna Kyoyama, Horohoro, Silva, Bason, Goldva, Tamao, Tokageroh, Pirica, Pino, Lilirara, Amidamaru, and many more characters.

All of these characters have been voiced by Yôko Hikasa(Asakura) and Abby Trot(Akasura), Masahiko Tanaka(Ryunosuke), D.C. Douglas(Ryunosuke), Yûji Ueda( Horohoro Usui), Romi Park( Tao Ren), Erica Mendez( Hao Asakura ), Minami Takayama(Hao Asakura), Motoko Kumai ( Chocolove McDonnell), Yôko Sômi( Lyserg Diethel), Oliver Wyman( Manta Oyamada), Kaiji Tang (Amidamaru), Laura Meghan Stahl (Tao Ren), Tara Sands(Anna), Brianna Knickerbocker( Pirica), and many.

Some additional voices are voiced by John DeMita, Matt Caplan, Kenton Chen, Bruce Wexler, Doug Burch, Zeno Robinson, Morgan Berry, Curt Mega, and Eric Stuart.

Shaman King Episode 40 Plot

Shaman King follows the basic synopsis of how the future of the world and everyone lies in the balance, and upcoming Shaman King as Medium Yoh Asakura, our protagonist joins the epic Shaman Fight. He has to compete with other shamans to become the next potent Shaman King while coming across the opponent or the villain who is bound to cause disaster.

With Asakura’s ability to summon spirits from the otherworld and manipulate the world and beings there according to his will, he has to emerge victorious in the fight, which happens only once every 500 years. To achieve his dream, Akasura has one chance. If he becomes the mighty Shaman king, he will be the only one who could contact and control the Great Spirit and reshape the world as they please for a good cause through the immense power of the otherworldly powers.

Episode 39 of the Shaman King highlights the battle between Luchist and Marco, whose spirits are cars, a very bizarre fact. The true identity of Jeanne becomes a source of drama, as Marco, who possesses a rare sixth sense, has led everyone to believe she’s a holy girl, but she is also someone with shamanic abilities.

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The new episode 40 is said o In the next episode, we will see Team The Ren vs Team Vadryra of Gandhara as the Shaman Fight continues as Asakura Yoh has decided to rejoin the team and defeat Lord Hao. Asakura Yoh sets out after having a family meeting with Anna. Then he met with Marco, his friend and proved that he had obtained new powers, and we expect some even more brutal battles and new challenges.

Till then, You have to watch the all-new episode 40 of the  Shaman King to know what happens further.

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