The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Release Date Updates, Cast, Synopsis and More

Wes Anderson, the man who directed the Grand Budapest Hotel and many other masterpieces has been roped in by the web streaming giant, Netflix for a multi-starrer movie based on the famous book “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” written by famous British novelist Roald Dahl which was released around in the year 1977. It is pertinent to mention that Dahl’s other masterpiece Fantastic Mr Fox, which was adopted in a form of an animated movie and which was also directed by Anderson, went on to win an Oscar. 

This movie of the Anderson is supposed to release with another movie in contract with Netflix and that is ‘Asteroid city’, which also will be a multi-starrer business. Overall it can be said that Netflix has bid on Anderson to bring success and create magic on screen.

So, hold tight as we are about to take you on a short tour of more information on the upcoming movie “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”.

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The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Release Date

As per our sources and as per a Tweet made by one of the noted celebrities, the production of the Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is expected to start shortly within the coming months. We are yet not sure of the exact date or month but given the fact that Anderson has already been roped in and some noted actors are also finalized, we can say that the said date is not far and is going to fall into place in the coming months.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

If the production process begins by the summer of 2022 and is not hindered by the present pandemic conditions, we are really hoping to see the release of the movie on Netflix sometime in 2023, but given the present conditions post COVID-19 and the rise of new variants that seems difficult to happen soon.

But as of now, we expect that the release will be done by the spring or fall of 2023.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Plot

What is known is that the movie is based on the novel by Dahl, which is having seven individual stories of the protagonist Henry Sugar. It is most likely that the seven stories will be coalesced by Anderson into one single movie with all the best parts included from all seven and also using his own creative intelligence and need of the production and viewership.

The movie like the book is likely to revolve around the character of Henry Sugar who is blind by birth but is able to see everything despite having no eyes, he learns and polished this superpower by rigorous training and will and is finally able to master the same. It will be very exciting to see how Henry uses these powers of his, that is for the good or for the bad. As in the book, Henry cheats in the game of cards and does things to amuse himself and confuse people, however, the creativity and magic that Anderson brings with his touch and the changes that will follow in the movie adaptation, that is whether the changes will be substantial or largely based as is portrayed in the books, is to be seen once the movie releases on Netflix.

It is also relevant to mention here that the character of Henry is believed to be based on the real-life Pakistani magician ‘Kuda Bux’, who despite having no eyes claimed to see it all and also reclaimed fame around the world.

So, Anderson has a large base of information and instances to use his creative mind and bring the magic of the superpowers of Henry to Life.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Plot

The cast of The wonderful story of Henry Sugar is to have some critically acclaimed actors and will have the following actors as part of its expected cast:

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  • Benedict Cumberbatch, playing as lead 
  • Ralph Fiennes
  • Dev Patel,
  •  Ben Kingsley.

It is pertinent to mention that only Benedict Cumberbatch has been finalized and is officially part of the production of Netflix, while talks with Ralph, Dev, and Ben Kingsley are still under process and the talks are expected to yield positive results. Apart from the names above we expect more faces and names to be part of the movie and as Anderson is known for choosing his cast with finesse, we expect big names to be further roped in as part of the cast of the movie.

Till then let’s wait for Netflix to officially release the star cast and we will update the same once it happens.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Trailer/Teaser

As the movie is still in its production phase, the teaser/trailer is a long shot and is expected to release nowhere before the fall of 2022 or early 2023 and may also be delayed further given the fact that Netflix takes no chances with its big releases and ensures good business return conditions before release, but we got you covered and will be constantly looking for any updates on the movie through our sources and vigil and will be updating the same as soon as we get hold of the same. So, keep on looking for the updates here and keep on checking this space.

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