Mighty Express Season 6:

Mighty Express Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Plot

The Canadian CGI animated series “Mighty Express” is quite popular among kids and runs successfully for five seasons. But will the 6th season make the final cut? The five seasons were released with a bit of a gap between them, so we hope that Mighty Express Season 6 will also follow the same trend. 

The series created by Keith Chapman and Spin Master Entertainment is set in the fictional town of Tracksville. The exciting bit about this town is that where adult humans have never lived. Children manage all places located inside this town. A proper functioning system ensures that a safe and united community of children thrives in Frackville. Each train has its own distinctive duty and a piece of sound equipment to execute the daily tasks. 

The show, since its premiere, has received a lot of positive reviews, especially from the young audience, which can not wait any longer for the 6th season to release on Netflix. The show is also quite informative for young minds, so in case you are finding a kid-friendly series, “Mighty Express” should be your top choice. All five seasons are available on Netflix for streaming.                                                                                                                                    

Mighty Express Season 6: Release Date

Unfortunately, Netflix has not officially greenlit Mighty Express Season 6. And no one knows when this confirmation news will come. But we are hoping that in the upcoming days, we will soon receive some sort of positive news. 

And if everything goes smoothly, you can expect Mighty Express Season 6 to release somewhere in 2022. Most likely in the first half!

Mighty Express Season 6:

Mighty Express Season 6: Cast

Almost all of the primary cast is bound to come back if the 6th season gets greenlit. You can expect the following characters to return in the upcoming season:

  • Freight Nate voice of Dylan Schombing 
  • Mechanic Milo voice of Leo Orgil
  • Build-It Brock voice of Tyler Nathan 
  • Farmer Faye voice of Michela Luci 
  • Rescue Red voice of Enhypen
  • Peoplemover Penny voice of Annick Obonsawin
  • Flicker voice of Ian Ho
  • Mandy Mail voice of Gracen Daly
  • Super Train voice of Robert Tinkler

Other than them, we are also hoping to see Max (voice of Jay Hatton)

Liza (singer of Zoe Hatz), and Nico (vocalist of Meesha Contreras) in the 6th season. 

Mighty Express Season 6: Plot

Netflix has not yet greenlit Mighty Express Season 6, so there is no plot synopsis for it either. But if the 6th season is to come, then the plot will be similar to the previous seasons. We can not predict the storyline either because the writers always develop some exciting storylines for every new season. Hopefully, this will also be the case with Mighty Express Season 6. 

Mighty Express Season 6: Trailer 

Sadly there is no official trailer for Mighty Express Season 6. But if the series gets renewed soon, you can expect the trailer to come out 2 to 3 weeks before the premiere of the 6th season. 

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