Iruma Kun Season 3 Episode 7

Season 3 Episode 7 of Iruma-kun! Features Clara’s Tragic Return

The third season of the Fall 2022 anime Welcomes to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! focuses heavily on the abnormal class’s students and their extraordinary talents. In Episode 7, Valac Clara follows in Iruma Suzuki’s footsteps by training hard to hone her bloodline qualities and develop new techniques for battle.

It’s safe to say that Clara is no longer the class clown or the brash troublemaker she once was. Clara’s developing feelings for Iruma Suzuki are very important to her, and she wants desperately to tell him how she really feels in her own special way, using both words and her own unique brand of seduction. Episode 7 introduces Clara’s Toy Box, which is quite sad to watch.

Iruma Suzuki Reclaims His Lost Childhood With Valac Clara

While Elizabetta X is busy seducing Lead somewhere in the Harvest Festival jungle, Valac Clara kidnaps Iruma and puts him in her huge mascot-style outfit before showing off her new Toy Box skill. A world of brightly colored toys and activities awaits them as Clara teleports them there, a place where they may let their guards down and enjoy themselves freely. Clara even makes Iruma as small as a kid, and his mind shifts to match. Together, they play for hours with various toys, games, and foods, causing Iruma to lose count of time. Iruma is aware that he needs to keep battling in the Harvest Festival, but the temptation of this Toy Box universe is too much for him to resist.

Trump’s seemingly innocuous journey is anything but. The draw of Clara as a buddy isn’t the only reason Iruma gets lost in these games; what he really lacked growing up was a playmate like Clara. It’s easy to forget today that Iruma’s parents used him as a slave, robbing him of childhood and pleasure while wearing him down to nothing.

The Suzukis’ sale of Iruma to the demon lord Sullivan, which began his isekai adventure, was a direct result of Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki’s exploitative nature. Iruma was never given the opportunity to be a typical kid and have fun, but at the ripe old age of 14, he gets a chance to play pretend with Clara. Toy Box means more to Iruma than it does to Clara, which is both sweet and sad.

Iruma Kun Season 3 Episode 7

What The Toy Box Means For Valac Clara

Equally, but for different reasons, Clara and Iruma delight in the brightly-hued toys in the Toy Box. For Iruma, this is his opportunity to once again experience the carefree joy of childhood. This Toy Box is especially meaningful to Clara because of her own personal experiences. Valac Clara was extremely unpopular and irritated everyone with her hyperactive behaviors, leaving her feeling lonely and isolated before she met Iruma. Clara was only being herself, but no one accepted the real Valac Clara until she met Iruma Suzuki. Because of Iruma’s kind acceptance of Clara, she has developed feelings for him that go beyond platonic friendship. If not love, then at least a sincere desire to seduce and possess him.

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The seduction techniques shown in Clara’s Toy Box are signature to Clara. Teacher Raim pointed out that Clara has little traditional sex appeal, but her sweet nature and open disposition make her a hit with guys anyhow. Clara’s newfound self-love and confidence are reflected in her G-rated approach to seduction, which she uses to endear herself to others. In a relationship, it’s important to find someone who complements your personality, and Clara’s Toy Box demonstrates that she has no problem being herself.

Compared to Elizabetta X, a fellow seduction student who is more concerned with conventional beauty and romance with boys like Lead, this sets Clara apart, yet they still share some fundamental similarities. For these demon women, seduction is about prioritizing one’s own needs and desires over those of others. Elizabetta values herself highly enough to hope for a happily ever after, and Clara values herself highly enough to realize she is worth enticing Iruma not as the succubus she is not, but as the pure friend she is.

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