Kaitlan Collins Husband

Kaitlan Collins Husband: The Truth About Their Marriage

Who is Kaitlan Collins Husband? Many well-known journalists can trace their careers back to CNN. American journalist Kaitlan Collins is widely recognized as a top professional in her area. Fans, though, aren’t just interested in her career. Has Kaitlan Collins tied the knot?

Fans all over the world love Kaitlan Collins. At the age of 28, she was among the youngest senior journalists for a significant media network and the youngest top White House correspondent in CNN’s history.

Kaitlan gained notoriety in 2018 when she was banned from attending a press conference at the White House Rose Garden after an encounter with the Trump administration.

Who is Kaitlan Collins?

American journalist Kaitlan Collins. She began her tenure as The Source anchor in 2023. Before becoming CNN’s White House Correspondent in 2017, she co-anchored This Morning. Kaitlan has recently joined CNN from The Daily Caller, a conservative news and commentary website in Washington, DC, where she served as White House Correspondent.

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On April 7, 1992, Kaitlan Collins entered this world in Prattville, Alabama. Alabama senior mortgage banker Jeff Collins is her dad. In 2023, she will have turned 31 and be an Aries. Kaitlan’s family consists of three people: two boys named Brayden and Cole and a sister called Lena Grace Collins.

Before enrolling at the University of Alabama in 2010, the journalist graduated from Prattville High School. In May 2014, Kaitlan received her Bachelor of Arts degree in both political science and journalism.

Kaitlan Collins Husband

Has Kaitlan Collins divorced or separated? She isn’t married, and she never has been. Reportedly dating since 2015, the journalist has been in a committed relationship with Will Douglas. They first crossed paths while both were employed by The Daily Caller in 2015.

There have been rumors of a breakup between them because Kaitlan deleted photos of them together from her Instagram account. However, there are some 2017 images of the couple on Will Douglas’ Instagram.

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Who is Kaitlan Collins’s Boyfriend?

Kaitlan Collins’ long-term boyfriend, Will Douglas. He’s from a little hamlet just across the Red River, and he’s an entrepreneur and a pharmacist.


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Douglas comes from a very traditional background. His mother was a stay-at-home caregiver, while his father worked in manufacturing for nearly 40 years.

Before beginning his profession in Dallas, he attended the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. The Crimson Care Pharmacy Group is now under his management. His firm was selected as one of the top 40 under 40 in Dallas County. He sought election to the Texas House of Representatives from House District 113 in 2020. Somehow, he managed to lose his seat.

Is Kaitlan Collins Against the LGBTQ+ Community?

The writer does not have an anti-LGBTQ bias. Some of her old tweets were discovered again in October of 2018.

There is a tweet from 2011 where she replies with the word “fag” to someone else’s tweet. Her tweets also used the phrase “if I wanna room with a l*sbian.” These tweets sparked the online controversy.

She said she was immature in college and apologized for uttering homophobic slurs. She went on to say she profoundly regrets her past statements and that they in no way reflect who she is now.

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