Cocoa Brown Ex-Husband Truth You Should Know About Him!

Cocoa Brown Ex Husband: Truth You Should Know About Him!

Actress Cocoa Brown’s ex-husband is Brian Ganter. In the early 2010s, they were married for a brief time. In the early 2010s, Ganter and Brown exchanged vows at her hometown’s Virginia Living Museum in Newport News. According to The Virginian Pilot, she held her wedding at the museum she frequently visited with her mother as a child, even though she had been working and living in Los Angeles for about ten years before getting married.

American actress and comedian Cocoa Brown. Her speciality is in sitcoms and stand-up comedy. She made her television debut in The Young and the Restless in 2004, but she is most recognized for her roles in Tyler Perry’s sitcom For Better or Worse from 2011 to 2017. While information about Cocoa’s personal and professional life is widely available online, Brian, her ex-husband, has been able to avoid it. Nevertheless, we have gathered some fascinating information about him.

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Who Is Brian Ganter? Cocoa Brown Husband

Brian Ganter, formerly Cocoa Brown’s spouse, is also called Bubba Ganter. He is involved in the entertainment and television industries and is frequently referred to as a commercial star. After making his acting debut in 1995 as Earl in Texas Playback, he currently lists over 35 acting credits on his IMDb page. His notable performances on shows like Donna on the Go, Game Shakers, Sideline Confession, and many others are just a few.

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Bubba wanted to play football and was a talented athlete in his younger years. Even though he received a full scholarship during high school, his dream of playing professional football was tragically dashed due to his accident. Though his injury may have kept him out of athletics, it ultimately helped him land a job in the entertainment sector. However, Ganter served as Jordan Knight’s bodyguard before beginning his Hollywood career

10 Things to Know About Brian Ganter

  • Age Brian Ganter is 53. On July 10, 1969, he was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, in the United States.
  • Although his parents named him Leon Brian Ganter, Ganter also goes by Bubba Ganter.
  • Unfortunately, the names and identities of his parents have not yet been revealed, even though he has a brother named Lonnie Ganter.
  • For a brief time in the early 2010s, Brian was wed to Cocoa Brown. Their wedding occurred at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, though the date is unknown.
  • With his ex-wife Cocoa, he has a kid they call Phoenix; he was born on May 21, 2012, and is now ten years old.
  • According to Live Ramp Up, comedian Cocoa admitted in 2014 that she liked being married but thought it made her static. As a result, she decided to divorce her husband.
  • Phoenix’s mother, Cocoa, has custody of him, and the two are frequently pictured together on her Instagram feed.
  • From a previous relationship, Brian also has a daughter named Scierra Ganter; however, little is known online about Scierra’s mother.
  • They frequently hang out on Brian’s Instagram, suggesting he and his daughter Scierra are very close.
  • The actor can be found on Instagram with the handle @bubbaganter. He currently has over 122 thousand followers on the photo-sharing platform.

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History of Cocoa Brown

Biography The world stops when actress and comedian Cocoa Brown enters the stage. Undoubtedly, Brown is one of this generation’s most gifted comedians and entertainers. The comic, who was happily married, even flaunted her marriage on Twitter in 2011. However, neither the comic nor her followers knew what would occur next. On Monday, October 9, 1972, she was born. If Cooa Brown is single or married, who is she now dating?


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