AJR Dad illness What Happened to AJR Father

AJR Dad illness: What Happened to AJR Father?

The Metzger brothers, Adam, Jack, and Ryan, represent the American indie pop group AJR. Popular songs by them include “I’m Ready,” “Sober Up,” “Burn the House Down,” “Way Less Sad,” “100 Bad Days,” “Weak,” “World’s Smallest Violin,” and “Bang!” Neotheater, their third album, peaked at number one on the Official Top Rock Albums chart in 2019 after debuting at number eight on the Billboard 200 chart.

On January 20, 2021, “Bang!,” their highest-charting song, reached its apex at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. The initials of the three brothers are used to create the band’s moniker, AJR. They begin writing, producing, and mixing their music in the living room of their flat before transferring to their studio. They combine pop, electronic, and dubstep elements into their music.

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Why Did AJR Cancel Summerfest Show?


Due to their father’s sickness, AJR postponed Summerfest in Milwaukee before their father passed away. Yet further information concerning their father’s illness is unknown because they haven’t said more about it. After learning distressing news this week, it was natural that the group prioritized their family and cancelled both amphitheatre gigs at Summerfest. These events had to be postponed; they were initially slated to take place on July 6 as the headliner show and on July 8 as Imagine Dragons’ support act.

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What Happened to AJR’s Father?

Recently, AJR’s father died away. The father of AJR was previously ill. As a result of their father’s critical condition, Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger of the brotherly band AJR decided to postpone their performances at Milwaukee’s Summerfest. The group was slated to perform as the headlining act on July 6 instead of the postponed Jimmy Buffett concert and serve as the opening act for Imagine Dragons on July 8 at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater.

Before their father’s passing, AJR wrote an emotional statement on their Facebook page describing how their father’s health was declining and how they wanted to prioritize spending time with him during this difficult time. They appreciated their supporters’ patience and encouragement during that trying time. It is unknown whether Imagine Dragons will have a new opener after all tickets for their headline performance have been refunded.

How Did AJR Dad Die?

The precise reason for AJR’s dad’s demise is kept a secret. They announced the cancellation of their forthcoming July gigs on Twitter on July 1. They mentioned in their post that their father had been enduring a deteriorating condition for the previous year.

“Rest in Peace, Dad,” AJR tragically wrote in a Twitter update on Monday night. No better Number 1 Fan could have been wished for. They have not revealed the specifics of their father’s condition. In honour of their father, AJR composed the song “God is Real,” which they posted to YouTube. You may listen to the music, which is a homage to their father, on their official website.

What is AJR’s Real Last Name?

Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger are the three brothers who make up the band AJR. Their first initials are used to create the name “AJR”. It should be noted that the AJR brothers are, related, with Adam being the oldest and Jack being the youngest. Despite using the moniker “Met” during performances, they go by Metzger.

The AJR brothers first became well-known by posting imaginative covers on YouTube. They are now famous for their original songs, though. The single they released in 2022, “I Won’t,” attracted notice and increased their popularity. They gained popularity more recently after their song “World’s Smallest Violin” went viral on TikTok’s well-known social media app.

AJR Dad Illness

Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met were the three brothers Gary was the father of. However, specifics on AJR’s father’s condition remain unknown. On Thursday and Saturday, AJR, a band of the Met brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan, was scheduled to perform as the festival’s headliners. However, the band tweeted on July 1 that they would be postponing their July dates due to their father’s failing health.

They sent each other a heartfelt note expressing their appreciation for their father’s help. Tragically, AJR posted on Monday night that their father had died, referring to him as their biggest supporter. It is unknown what disease their father had in particular. AJR wrote the song “God is Real” in memory of their father and uploaded it to YouTube.

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 AJR Mom

The mother of Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger is Laurie Marvald. Their parents, Gary Metzger and Laurie Marvald, have entrepreneurial and architectural backgrounds. Before relocating to Chelsea, Manhattan, in 2001, the brothers were born and raised in Bayside, Queens. Jack was a Manhattan Professional Children’s School student with some acting experience in movies and TV shows.

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Adam studied business and philosophy at Columbia University and then received an MA and a PhD in philosophy from New York University and the University of Birmingham, respectively. At Columbia University, Ryan and Jack studied motion pictures. Ryan’s synesthesia causes him to perceive images when listening to music, which helps him create music. Currently, Ryan and Jack share a one-bedroom apartment with Shay, a Bouvier dog.

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