Josh Gates Illness

Josh Gates Illness: What Exactly Is His Medical Problem?

American TV personality and producer Josh Gates. Before hosting and co-executive producing Syfy’s Expedition: Unknown and Legendary Places, he hosted and co-produced Destination Truth and Stranded.

In addition, he is well-known for his roles as host and guest investigator on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.  His production business, Ping Pong Productions, is releasing the show. What exactly is Josh Gates illness? Consider Josh Gates’ health, illness, and hospitalization.

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Josh Gates Illness

One of the most recognizable faces in the television industry is Josh Gates. You probably recognize him, and if you are a fan of Gates, you know that he has been dealing with Crohn’s disease for well over a decade.

Twelve years later, the Mayo Clinic finally helped. In this case, the clinic was more of a mixed blessing. They were able to put things right, and Gates was back to full health and activity within two weeks.

Josh reflects fondly on the difficult times in his life while he was sick. His day was ruined by the inevitable sickness and vomiting that came with living. That would add to my existing nausea and indigestion. His parents exhausted all avenues of treatment with no success.

Years passed, and in 2017, with much difficulty, Josh made the decision to go to Mayo Clinic. After that, 2017 was a turning point year for him. The TV producer was once again free to walk, enjoy the outdoors, and dine without interference.

Josh Gates Accident

Gates is well-known for his global travels and his ability to get things done wherever he goes. The man succeeds because he can visualize the globe and convey it to the living room of his TV viewers. Recently, he gave fans access to Expedition: Unknown.

The expeditor would have to go to various dangerous spots to complete the mission. The accident suffered by Josh Gates and his team was difficult. Gates and his Discovery team were trapped hundreds of feet underground after they had fallen.

For several days, he and his crew stayed there while filming the show. Everyone in the crew became too ill after exposing the food and drink to the local bats. They were all hospitalized due to a sickness spread by bat poop. Providing fans with accurate information is a difficult task.

Josh Gates Was Hospitalized After Eating Bat Feces-infested Food

In a tweet, Gates said that he was susceptible to it and took pride in the fact that he was nearly alone in this. The host gets sick after a series of risky shots over a long period of time. They ended up in the hospital after contracting rotavirus from the contaminated food he ate.


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In January 2018, he and other members of the Discovery team spent several days working and living in subterranean conditions, during which time the incident occurred. Bats, bugs, and other animals contaminated the exposed food, which they then consumed.

They went to the doctor because bat poop had triggered a terrible illness. The moderator was in poor health and said he would never return to those environments. There is no indication that Gates is ailing or in poor health. He probably learned from that to take care of himself and eat right.

Josh Gates Allergy To Hedera Helix

Gates has a really unusual allergy, despite the fact that he is now in good health. Hedera helix, commonly known as English ivy, is a plant that the TV personality is sensitive to.

Almost no one is sensitive to hedera helix, sometimes known as common English ivy, he tweeted. I take it that this makes me unique. The TV star’s allergies have landed him in the hospital more than once.

Josh Gates Lost 30 Pounds

Gates has hiked through some of the world’s most remote jungles and explored some of its deepest caves. Gates had spent the majority of the year prior to the epidemic filming episodes of the popular Discovery Channel series Expedition Unknown. The 43-year-old explorer was well-versed in airport floor sleeping and road food because of his nomadic lifestyle.

According to Gates, this makes it impossible to lead a healthy lifestyle because people aren’t exercising and eating properly. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, however, the explorer changed his ways, resulting in a weight loss of over 30 pounds that he has unknowingly documented on film.

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