Officer Accused of Shooting Wife Terminated

Officer Accused of Shooting Wife Terminated

The Houston Police Department has now announced the immediate termination of the officer suspected of shooting his wife in the face with a firearm. Galib Chowdhury, 31, was detained and charged with aggravated assault against a family member, resulting in serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon, a first-degree felony.

Galib Chowdhury has been fired and is no longer a Houston police officer, effective today, according to a tweet from HPD. The court and criminal justice system are in charge of the criminal case. We continue to feel Sadaf Iqbal’s pain. Please pray for her and her family on our behalf.

Iqbal’s family shared the following statement:

“At this time Sadaf, and we, as her family, commend Houston Police Department’s actions in terminating Galib Chowdhury today. Every HPD officer has a motto pinned across their badge that says ‘Nemo Me Impune Lacessit’ — ‘No one injures me with impunity.’ In having the privilege of wearing this badge daily, and being entrusted with the safety of citizens, Mr. Chowdhury overlooked the notion that he was also entrusted to act as a law-abiding citizen when not wearing that badge. The facts will be clear, and the law will be just in the end. We are happy that justice has taken its first steps forward in the way that it should, and that HPD can move on without the stain of this incident on its future. Sadaf and our family are grateful for HPD’s support during this difficult time.”

According to Chief Troy Finner, the now-former officer, who had two years of service, was initially removed from duty immediately after the incident. Officials claim that Chowdhury dialled 911 to report an alleged break-in but omitted to describe the culprit or their travel route.

The shooting was allegedly purposeful, according to the police who responded to the scene, although court records show that Chowdhury’s wife also claimed it was an accident. According to officials, “the complainant told medical staff that her husband, the defendant, shot at her but that it was an accident.” Officials said that Chowdhury nearly killed his wife.

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According to the authorities, she sustained injuries to her right eyeball, a fractured cheekbone, and multiple bone fractures to her right hand and fingers. According to county documents, the couple wed last year. According to court officials, surveillance footage from the residence showed Chowdhury getting home around midnight on Monday, around 40 minutes before his wife.

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Records indicate Before the shooting, Chowdhury sent her some hostile texts. According to Maisha Colter, CEO of the charity Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, “many victims feel very protective towards their abusive partners to the extent that many people recant stories in which they do identify as being abused by the person, and then they’ll say no that didn’t happen.”

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