FTN Bae Net worth

Social Media’s sensation FTN Bae Net worth; Defamation Case Against Doodie Lo

In this article, we will discuss net worth, FTN Bae’s net worth as of 2021, as well as who FTN Bae is and nowadays viral for a defamation case against Doodie Lo and spilling facts about her case with Doodie Lo.

FTN Bae’s real name is Brittney Reed. She is now 26 years old, born on June 3rd, 1995, in Maryland, raised by her parents in Miami, Florida, and today she and her family reside in Broward Gardens, Florida, America. The American rapper, actress, model, TV personality, musician, dancer, and social media star sensation FTN Bae is a household name in the United States and very popular with her online audience.

She has a great fan following on social media accounts, mainly because of her sweet voice as she launched various music albums and songs, the most popular among them being Mind your business, Cry No More, and others.


Fortune investigated FTN Bae’s Net Worth

FTN Bae’s net worth is estimated at USD 5 Million (approx.). Also known as CURLY RED made her fortune from her profession as an American FTN Bae has had a passion for music since she was a young girl, leading a lavish life. On Instagram, she has 617k followers and 79 posts, and many reels. Have a look below.

11.7k people subscribe to FTN Bae’s YouTube channel. Four years ago in September, she posted her first music video to her channel and has 6 videos now.

She has also done playback singing along with many stages shows and concerts and collaborated with famous singers and rappers.

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Tragic Love Life

Regarding her love life, FTN Bae is well-known as the ex-girlfriend of famous rapper Doodie Lo. According to media reports, the pair dated for a long time. They eventually split up, and FTN Bae released an audio clip of her 5-year-old son crying on her Instagram profile on October 28, 2021.

Doodie Lo, a rapper, has won a long-running slander claim against his former collaborator, FTN Bae. Bae accused Lo of molesting their son and recorded the same confession from the child. Lo, and his attorney, Ariel Mitchell, believed the claims were made because Bae was upset over their divorce.

FTN Bae Net worth

In December 2021, Lo said on Instagram that FTN Bae’s allegations were unfounded and that he was suing for ordinary damages totaling roughly $5 million and punitive damages totaling around $10 million. Meanwhile, Ariel Mitchell threatened to pursue a defamation claim against media outlets she felt had inaccurately reported on the incident.

The most recent information is that Bae has been detained, and a bond of $11 million has been provided to Lo, although it is unclear whether or when this will occur. When asked by The Shade Room how soon he expected to get the money, Lo stated it was $30 million and that he would be happy to receive it.

Doodie posted on Instagram in 2021 that he had sued Bae because of her charges. In the caption, he stated he would not stand by and let his reputation or principles be smeared.

In addition, Bae attached screenshots of her court filings to her response, arguing that anybody can sue for whatever reasons and say whatever in the lawsuit.

Facts spill

  • In addition to her other endeavors, FTN is a professional fashion model.
  • She has also posed for numerous fashion houses.
  • Also, she has used her social media accounts to endorse a wide range of brands.
  • Bae has additionally inked some tattoos on her physique.
  • She works with rappers and singers.

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