Sistas Season 5 Finale Revives Danni's Painful Past—grade It!

Sistas Season 5 Finale Revives Danni’s Painful Past—grade It!

On Wednesday’s season finale, The Sistas organized an intervention for one of their own. Spoiler: Things did not go well. When word got out that Danni, or should we say “Daniella,” was sleeping with the enemy, Sabrina alerted her fellow Sistas, who then ambushed Danni.

The females reminded Danni of a horrific episode in college when a bunch of guys tried to take advantage of her at a frat party, a horrible situation that had a lot of “fallout,” out of concern for (but “not judgmental” toward) their friend’s recent dangerous activity.

The girls even pushed Danni to reconcile with Preston, who they claimed was “damn near perfect” in comparison to the randos she brings home from the dating apps. They made valid points, but given the group’s history of train-wreck relationships, Danni wasn’t receptive to any of it. It wouldn’t even be fair to suggest that she read them for filth. She slaughtered them.

You’re always the victim, Sabrina, she said. Andi, f-k you, and Karen, f-k you. You guys broke into my house and started attacking me. It’s ironic because that’s where a man repeatedly smacked me and spit on me like a dog. exactly where you are. so that you all can leave.

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Even after Danni walked out of her own flat, the females refused to go, but we can’t say that the Sista-hood has broken down. Later, Preston called Danni to let her know that she had left some things at her house, but she was not interested in talking further. She offered to leave his belongings at her front door and then ended the conversation.

* Karen’s problems started when she intervened in Aaron’s (or is it “John’s”) full-fledged altercation with that unidentified woman. She yelled at Karen that she shouldn’t believe Aaron before giving her a brutal goodbye smack. We want to support Aaron in this fight, so we didn’t feel comfortable with his pledge to “explain everything… just not right at this moment.”

Or Pam. When Zac came to the salon to apologize, Karen’s day seemed to be turning around, but Pam had correctly forewarned him that she wasn’t in the mood to talk. Karen reminded him that if it weren’t for his lack of regret, they wouldn’t be in this predicament. Therefore, unforgiven and without Karen’s signature, Zac left the salon. (As for the opening image we published this morning… Is it just us, or did that scene never occur?)

* The conclusion revealed that “Joey” was really an elaborate joke to demonstrate to Zac how it feels to have strangers walk up to their home with surprise children, just as we were absorbing the possibility that Fatima had an estranged son.  The mother of Zac’s very real son was then the subject of discussions. The eager beaver was more than happy to sign his suggested contract, essentially allowing Zac access to the child whenever he wants, and she couldn’t have been happier to do so.

You know we have more articles about the upcoming shows:

* After expressing regret to Calvin for last week’s incident, Maurice determined to make Que confess to robbing the bank and [1] get all of his belongings back from him. Maurice was adamant about not being “that bitch,” so I was interested to see how it would all turn out, even if it seemed easier said than done. He finally faced Que on the shadiest airport tarmac in the world, but he was prepared and had his revolver ready. Who was shot—we know it went off—but? To discover, we’ll have to wait until the following season!


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