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Hades 2: Story, Platforms and What You Need to Know

The biggest news from The Game Awards 2022 for fans of roguelikes and independent games was Hades 2, the sequel to a popular and successful roguelike. Even though there is only one trailer for Hades 2 right now, it is already one of the most anticipated games of 2023, especially based on how well the first game did. So, here is everything you need to know about Hades 2, such as when it will come out, what it’s about, and where you can play it.

When Is Hades 2 Coming Out?

There isn’t a set release date for Hades 2 yet, but Supergiant Games has said that the game will be available for early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2023. This is the same as the first game, which had an early access period before its V1.0 release on PC. Hades also came out for the Nintendo Switch on the same day that the final version came out for PC. The PlayStation and Xbox versions came out later.

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What Is Hades 2 About?

Hades 2 is a direct sequel to the first game. It takes place after the events of the first game, but instead of following Hades’ son Zagreus, you play as Hades’ daughter Melino. Melino, who is the Princess of the Underworld, has to deal with Chronos, who is a Titan who got away from prison. Chronos, the evil father of Hades and all his brothers, is now at war with the gods of Olympus. It’s up to Melino to stop him, but how can you fight against time itself?

What Is Hades 2 About?
What Is Hades 2 About?

Witchcraft is a big part of the plot and themes of Hades 2, and Melino is a powerful sorceress who is also deadly with a number of shadowy weapons. Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads, is training Melino as she goes on her quest. Hecate is an important part of Greek mythology as a whole, and Melino, like Zagreus, is mentioned in Greek texts as being related to Hades. However, Supergiant Games felt that there was enough room in that to tell their own story.

Hades 2 will also include mythological characters like Moros, the god of doom, Apollo, the god of light, and Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, in addition to Melino, Hecate, and Chronos. It’s also possible that Dora, one of the shades shown in the reveal trailer, is actually Pandora. Pandora was the first woman Hephaestus made, and she was the one who opened Pandora’s Box and let all the bad things into the world. This fits with the Hades series since Medusa was in the first game as Dusa, the maid at the House of Hades.

What Platforms Is Hades 2 On?

So far, Hades 2 has only been announced for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game will be available for early access sometime in 2023. Supergiant Games has said that they hope to release Hades 2 on PC and consoles soon. What consoles it will be on, though, is still unknown. The first game came out first on the Nintendo Switch. It was then ported to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S about a year later. We hope that Hades 2 will be available on all platforms when it leaves early access, but we’ll have to see.

Who Is Developing Hades 2?

Supergiant Games, a well-known independent game company based in San Francisco, California, is making Hades 2. This small studio has been making games since 2009, and its first game, Bastion, was one of the best games of 2011. Since then, they have also come out with Transistor (2014), Pyre (2017), and Hades (2020). Supergiant Games is a small company, so they only work on one big project at a time. Right now, Hades 2 is their main focus.

The process of making Hades 2 is interesting because it is Supergiant’s first sequel. Even though Bastion, Transistor, and Hades are all played from an isometric point of view, Supergiant’s first three games were all set in different worlds with different stories and characters. It’s interesting that Supergiant is making a sequel instead of something new.

Supergiant explained why they made a straight-up sequel in a blog post on their website. They said that Hades was their most beloved game, both by fans and by the people who worked on it, and that they had always imagined new stories happening in the same world. The team at Supergiant likes to take on new challenges with each project. For this sequel, their challenge was “to try to make a sequel that could somehow re-capture the sense of wonder and delight of its predecessor.” We don’t know yet if they’ll be successful or not.

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