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Island 2 : Release Date, Game Play, Platform and Trailer!

Dead Island 2 is a new game coming out in 2023 that you should definitely pay attention to. After years of slow starts and rumors, developer Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver have finally gotten this long-awaited zombie-slashing sequel on track, and what we have seen and played off it so far is impressive.

Dead Island 2 was supposed to be one of the biggest PS5 and Xbox Series X games coming out in February 2023, but a recent delay moved it to April. After waiting for years, 12 more weeks won’t hurt at all. Not when we’re so excited to see this version of Los Angeles full of blood and guts. A new gameplay trailer just came out showing more of the game in action, but you should keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 release date

Dead Island 2 was supposed to come out in February 2023, but Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver later said that the release date would be pushed back by 12 weeks, to April 28, 2023.

Dambuster said this(opens in new tab) about the most recent Dead Island 2 delay: “We understand the irony of putting Dead Island 2 on hold, and we’re just as upset as you are. The delay is only 12 weeks, and development is almost done. We’re going to take all the time we need to make sure we can release a game we’re proud of. Those of you who have been waiting for years, thanks for being patient.”

Dead Island 2 platforms

A lot of you have been wondering if Dead Island 2 will be one of the upcoming PC games you should keep an eye on. We’re happy to say that it will be coming to the Epic Store. Dead Island 2 will also be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

Dead Island 2 gameplay

Since the first Dead Island came out more than 10 years ago, you may be wondering what the gameplay will be like in Dead Island 2. You can expect the same mix of hack-and-slash action and exploring an open world, but the game has changed a bit since 2011. Find out more in our hands-on preview of Dead Island 2, where we sat down with a new build of the upcoming action game and got our hands dirty with the game’s disgustingly brilliant new gore system.

Dead Island 2 trailers

Aside from the now-iconic E3 2014 zombie transformation scene, which you can see below, the Dead Island 2 trailers were pretty quiet for a long time. But at Gamescom 2022, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios showed us a new reveal trailer and some brand-new, up-to-date gameplay footage. Let’s look at how things have changed over time. First, you can watch the Dead Island E3 2014 announcement trailer up above to remember what it looks like.

Island 2
Island 2

Deep Silver says that the combat in Dead Island 2 makes for “the most intense, visceral, and gory first-person experience ever.” With that in mind, each of the six characters you can play in Dead Island 2 has its own personality and dialogue. Even better, each character’s skills can be fully customized, and a new skill system lets you re-spec characters on the spot to try out different builds. Deep Silver also says that Dead Island 2 has “the most advanced dismemberment system in games,” so we don’t think this is a game for people who are easily sick.

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Dead Island 2 setting

The setting of Dead Island 2 is a bloody version of Los Angeles. Dambuster will let us see some of the most famous places in the city, from the suburbs of Beverly Hills to the sun-drenched boardwalk of Venice Beach and more. Hell-A is full of zombies and weapons, so it makes sense that the whole city is a good place to fight in this co-op action game.

Dead Island 2 co-op

Dead Island 2 co-op sounds cool, and while the zombie slash-em-up can be played by one person, it sounds like a lot of fun to play with two friends in teams of three. Deep Silver thinks that this will “guarantee replayability” as teams discover Dead Island 2’s “thrilling” pulp story and talk to its strange cast of characters in its “twisted” world. At this point, we don’t know how co-op will work in Dead Island 2. We don’t know if it will be available right away or if it will be built into the story mode like in Dying Light 2.

Dead Island 2 development

To put it simply, Dead Island 2 has come a long way since it was first made. Yager Development was in charge at first, and work on the sequel was said to have begun in 2012. The project wasn’t made official until E3 2014. The next year, Sumo Digital took over development. Three years ago, in 2019, Dambuster Studios took over as the main developers of Dead Island 2. Since there hasn’t been much information about the game as it’s been made, it’s hard to say how much it’s changed from the beginning to now. Now that we know when Dead Island 2 will come out, we can expect to see more before the game comes out.

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