TX Kelly Underwood Shot To Death Who Was Guilty of Her Murder

TX Kelly Underwood Shot To Death: Who Was Guilty of Her Murder?

A loving single mother of three children, Kelly Underwood, 46, was found fatally shot and stabbed in her Princeton, Texas, home in September 2017. As she went to look at her, her daughter was the first one to see the murder scene. After finding information that seemed to support the theory that Kelly was involved in a love triangle and was slain by hired hitmen, the Texas Rangers started digging into the murder.

Kelly was murdered, even though it at first appeared to be a suicide. Following her horrible death, many individuals began to call for justice, and this case gained international notoriety. Upon their arrest, four people—including the deceased’s former boss and partner Ronnie Welborn and his then-lover—were charged with the murder and subsequently found guilty.

Moreover, on April 3, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET, Mean Girl Murders on ID aired the murder-for-hire tale. The Desperate Texan Housewives episode focused on a tale of betrayal and a perverted love triangle.


TX Kelly Underwood Shot To Death

Kelli Underwood, 46, was found after a request for a welfare check. She was last seen on Wednesday. Kelly did not commit suicide, contrary to what police initially suspected. Kelly moved in the spring of 2017 to a new house in Princeton. After trying unsuccessfully to contact her for several days, her daughter Kayden Graham went to check on her on September 20.

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In an upper room, Underwood was found comatose on the floor. She had been shot and stabbed several times, an autopsy revealed later. Police searched the crime scene and found five.22-caliber round casings, a camera monitor, cigarette butts, silverware, and other objects in the backyard.

They also collected DNA samples from Underwood’s fingernails. On September 16, two guys who were working for her were spotted at her home, according to her neighbors. Family relatives characterized Kelly as a capable mother of three who lived alone in a house near Princeton worked hard, and was a single parent.  Also, Kelli was employed by a local sheet metal manufacturing company.

Kelli’s sister, Ginger Ambrose, observed that she “wasn’t the type of girl who was terrified of much.” Amber Parker, a different sister, stated, “I want Kelli to receive justice. She deserves that. She had no right to what she got. Kelli has a big heart and was tremendously resilient. Kelli had a strong bond with her family.

Latest on the Kelly Underwood Murder Case

Investigations commenced immediately following the savage murder of Underwood, and the case’s outcomes were stunning. Both Plano residents Delvin Powell and Robert Veal were identified “by name and description” as having been present with Kelly on the last day she was thought to be alive.

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After speaking with multiple witnesses and examining cell phone records, law enforcement learned that Powell and Veal were recruited by Ronnie Welborn and his then-girlfriend Kadie Robinson to carry out the assassination. Charges against all four were eventually brought about by the murder-for-hire conspiracy. Judge Angela Tucker also felt that a sentence of life in prison was the proper one.

In August 2019 and January 2020, juries found collaborator Veal and associate Powell both guilty of capital murder. Both received prison terms of life in prison. The Princeton Police Department and the Collin County Sheriff’s Office assisted Texas Ranger Bruce Sherman as he investigated the murder case.

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