Ebby Steppach Cause of Death

Ebby Steppach Cause of Death: How Did She Passed Away?

Today we talk about Ebby Steppach Cause of Death. Ebby Steppach Died From the Following, Ebby Steppach was a woman from the United States who sadly lost suddenly when she was just 18 years old. However, the manner in which Ebby Steppach passed away is not entirely evident to everyone; therefore, this page provides information regarding Ebby Steppach’s Cause of Death.

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What Was Ebby Steppach Cause Of Death?

Ebby Steppach, an American woman, passed away when she was just 18 years old. According to the records, it was determined that homicide was Ebby Steppach’s cause of death when she passed away. On October 25, 2015, she passed away.

Ebby Steppach Cause of Death
Ebby Steppach Cause of Death

Ebby Steppach Career Highlights

Ebby Jane Steppach, an 18-year-old senior at Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, was completing her senior year. She had previously attended a private school, but that year transferred to a public school.

Steppach, seeking independence from her parents, decided to move out of her family’s home at the start of the school year but she was mostly staying with her grandparents and friends. Steppach was absent from school on October 21, 2015. She went to a party on Friday, October 23, at some point during the evening.

Steppach arrived at her mother’s house the next day, October 24, 2015and informed her stepfather that she had been gang raped by four people at the party and wanted to report the incident to authorities. She also claimed that the rape was videotaped on her cell phone.

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When Steppach’s mother, Laurie Jernigan, and stepfather attempted to contact her later that evening, they received no response; her stepfather suspected she had gone to retrieve the video of her rape. That evening, Steppach’s cell phone made two brief calls to the Little Rock Police Department, each lasting about one minute, though the police department claimed they had no record of receiving a report.

Ebby Steppach Net Worth

Toby Steppach, Ebby On March 31st, 1997, a woman from the United States was born. At the time of her passing, she had only turned 18 years old. The estimated net worth of Ebby Steppach is five million dollars, according to several publications.

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