Silidog Net Worth

Silidog Net Worth: What Happened to Silidog After Shark Tank?

The company SlideDog makes unique dog tags. All of the titles are made of silicone, which doesn’t make noise, is waterproof, and won’t wear out. They also come in a wide range of bright colors, from bright pink to dark blue and green. You can also pick from various colors, from bright pink to dark green. You can put it on the tag immediately so everyone can see it. In 2022, Silidog will have an estimated $8.4 million in net worth. Each year, SlideDog made $8.4 million in sales.

Founder of Silidog

Silidog is a company that Michael Lickstein started. He is brilliant and has a lot of business experience. He had a lot of business skills before he started the company. Michael’s first job was as an undergraduate assistant at the University of Florida’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Michael had the idea after he took in a dog whose owners had given up on it. The dog had fleas and kept scratching them, which caused its tags to get stuck together. That’s when the idea of a dog tag that says nothing disappeared.

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In 2015, he started the business with the help of $11,357 from Kickstarter. Michael likes a dog that he raised as a pet when he was in high school. When a friend gave him a dog that had been thrown out of a moving car, he thought about making silly dog tags.

Bentley was sure that Mr. Lickstein was the right man for him. With the help of some friends, he hired people and started the business in the garage of his parent’s house.

What Happened to Silidog at the Shark Tank Pitch?

In Episode 806 of Shark Tank, Michael Lickstein tries to invest in a shark to make the Sly Dog the next generation of dog tags. Michael needs start-up money to help grow production and sell to big pet stores in China. Lastly, Lori Greener and Michael Lick stein’s contract for Season 8 of Shark Tank was for 30% plus $0.50 per unit in royalties.

What Happened to SiliDog After Shark Tank?

After the show aired and Michael left the pitch with a deal, the deal with Lori was never finalized, and Sly Dog had trouble getting Shark Tank Effect orders to customers. Because of this, there were a lot of complaints. Michael worked with them to solve the problem, which was not about the quality of the product but about how long it would take to deliver. The business will still be open until January 2022 and will make about $900,000 in sales yearly.

What Happened to SiliDog After Shark Tank?
What Happened to SiliDog After Shark Tank?

Social Media Links

Michael Lickstein loves to share his photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He always posts about what he’s doing on social media to keep his fans interested. He is famous and has a lot of fans on social media sites. In 2022, Silidog will have a net worth of $8.4 million. In 2022, Silidog will have an $8.4 million net worth. Every year, the company Silidog makes $8.4 million in sales.

SiliDog competitors

Looks, L.L.C., Lowest Price Merchant, Inc., Bitsy Bottom, LLC, and Chic Deux Boutique are some of SiliDog’s main competitors.

SiliDog Frequently Asked Question

Who came up with it?

Michael Lickstein made the SiliDog Dog Tags.

How much did the person on Shark Tank want?

Michael asked for $100,000 for a 15% stake in his business.

Did he know what to do?

Yes, Michael had a deal with Lori where she would get $100,000 for 15% of his company and a $0.50 royalty on each unit, but the deal never went through.

Does SiliDog deserve the price?

SiliDog is definitely worth the money. SiliDog has a good business plan and a lot of people want to buy their product.

What makes SiliDog worth buying?

If you love your dog and want to do something special for it, this is the best product for you. It’s a great dog tag that will last forever, and your dog will look very cool with it.

How should I use my SiliDog?

Dog tags can be used anywhere because they can’t get wet, ripped, or fade. The dog tag is put around the dog’s neck with the help of the rubber ring.

When were the dog tags made?

The tags are made of metal that won’t rust, and a rubber ring holds them around the dog’s neck. The tag itself is waterproof, tearproof, and does not fade. It can be made to say what you want.

How Many Dog Tag Styles Do You Produce?

So far, 15 different kinds of designs have been made.

What makes SiliDog different?

The company says their tags won’t get wet, tear, or fade. It also comes with different colors and words that you can use to make the tags your own.

Some other companies, like Lick’s Clique, that sell silicone tags say they have the same qualities but cost less.

Where does SiliDog live?

At All Pets Considered in Greensboro, North Carolina, you can buy SiliDog. Even after five years, SiliDog is still changing the way pet tags are made all over the world.

SiliDog is one of the biggest companies that make pet tags. It has expanded to more than 60 countries, spreading the idea that “Every Dog is a SiliDog.”

Is SiliDog Safe for Dogs?

SiliDog tags are safe and harmless for dogs. The tags are made of metal that won’t rust, and a rubber ring holds them around the dog’s neck.

Is SiliDog Expiring?

No, SiliDog dog tags do not expire. But the plastic tag that holds this silicone tag design may start to look old or worn over time.

How Many Letters or Numbers Can Be Written on Each Tag?

Some of the designs have room for up to 15 characters to be engraved on each tag. You can use the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters A through Z.

What Makes Silidog Waterproof?

The silicone itself can’t get wet or tear.

How Much Does Michael Lickstein Have in the Bank?

Michael’s net worth is kept secret.


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