Nick Kyrgios Net Worth

Nick Kyrgios Net Worth: Biography and Who is His Wife?

Nick Kyrgios Earnings: Nick Kyrgios is an Australian professional tennis player who has reached the No. 13 spot in the world. Since 2012, when he turned pro, he has won six ATP singles titles. He is 26 years old right now. In 2014, he beat Rafael Nadal to get to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon. There, he became a world star.

Kyrgios is a good player who is strong and aggressive. He can do his job at speeds of up to 220 kilometers per hour. The crowd always likes the Australian because he is dramatic and has a short fuse. Because his fights are fun to watch, people call him the “box office.” Here’s a quick look at Nick Kyrgios’s income, lifestyle, age, family, relationship status, and much more.

Nick Kyrgios Net Worth

Reports say that Nick Kyrgios’s total worth is $15 million, which includes his luxurious home in Canberra, Australia.

Nick has a lot of good qualities that make him appealing to business owners who want to use him as a spokesperson and ad model for their companies. Kyrgios has deals with Yonex, Nike, and Beats to promote their products.

Because he is seen as a bad boy, he has lost some endorsements in the past. During his scandals in 2015, his relationship with Bonds, an Australian clothing company, came to an end. Nick lost the 2016 Shanghai Rolex Masters. Because of this, he was fined, suspended, and Malaysian Airlines cut ties with him.

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Nick Kyrgios Biography

He is the son of Giorgos Kyrgios, who is Greek, and Norlaila Kyrgios ( Twitter) who is also Greek. They got married in 1995. His mother was a princess in the Selangor Royal Family. When she moved to Australia when she was 33, she gave up her title. Kyrgios used to play basketball, but after he quit the sport, he decided to focus on tennis full-time. The 26-year-old is known all over the world.

Nick Kyrgios Relationship Status

Costeen and Nick have just started going out together. Nick and Costeen started dating at the beginning of 2023. They are very close and often post pictures of themselves on social media.

He used to go out with bikini model Chiara Passari on and off. When Passari found out that Kyrgios had been seeing someone else, she and him got a divorce in October 2023. The athlete has been caught cheating before.

Nick Kyrgios Cars and Houses

The tennis player was born in Canberra, Australia, and also has a home in the Bahamas. There are three bathrooms, four bedrooms, a suite, and a game room in a home in Canberra. There is a deck and a lot of space in the backyard. He owns the house in the Bahamas as a vacation home. Kyrgios has lived in Australia since the outbreak.

Kyrgios’ favourite cars are the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and the Tesla Model X. He also has standard cars like a Mercedes-Benz C Class and a BMW M3. People say that his collection of cars is worth more than $500,000 in total. He has a Nissan R35 GTR as well.

Nick Kyrgios Nationality

Nick Kyrgios is an Australian citizen who was born in Canberra.

Nick Kyrgios Ethnicity

Nick Kyrgios has both Greek and Malay roots. His father, George, is from Greece, and his mother, Norlaila (“Nill”), is from Malaysia.

Nick Kyrgios Education

Kyrgios went to Radford College, Daramalan College, and the Australian Institute of Sport and did well in all of them. He went to Radford College until Year 8, and then he went to Daramalan College in Canberra to finish Year 12 in 2012. Then he went to the Australian Institute of Sport.

Nick Kyrgios Wife

Nick Kyrgios is in a relationship with Costeen Hatzipourganis right now. In May 2022, he told blogger Costeen Hatzipourganis that he was going to marry her. Kyrgios used to date Croatian-Australian tennis player Ajla Tomljanovi on and off before they got engaged.

Nick Kyrgios Wife
Nick Kyrgios Wife

He was dating Chiara Passari in 2020, but they broke up in late 2021 after police had to put them in a hotel quarantine to keep them apart. In July 2022, it was reported that Kyrgios had been ordered to appear in an Australian court on August 2, 2022, on charges of a joint assault that led to the arrest of Passari in December 2021. The first time police heard about it was in December 2021.

How Did Nick Kyrgios Meet Costeen Hatzipourganis?

At the end of last year, Nick Kyrgios met his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzipourganis. Their relationship is very social media. It started when Kyrgios saw Hatzi on Instagram, messaged her about buying a mirror from her small business, and then went to meet her in person.

Nick Kyrgios Parents

Nick Kyrgios’s father is Giorgos Kyrgios. He works for himself as a house painter and is of Greek descent. The Australian father used to play tennis, but he never played at a very high level. During games, he was often seen cheering for Kyrgios from the sidelines.

After his son’s controversial third-round win over Stefanos Tsitsipas, Giorgos Kyrgios recently said that Wimbledon officials have different rules for different people. After the game, neither player got angry with the other.

Norlaila Kyrgios is the mother of Nick Kyrgios. She was born as a princess in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. The Australian mother is so nervous and anxious that she can’t go to most of his games. Kyrgios will also miss the 2021 Australian Open because she has a serious heart condition.

Nick Kyrgios, 27 years old, said that the hard-court major in Melbourne should have been canceled to stop a possible COVID-19 outbreak. Kyrgios said that tennis shouldn’t be as important as life and death because he wants to keep his family safe.

Nick Kyrgios’s parents’ ages haven’t been talked about yet because we don’t know how old they are. People think that his parents are in their 50s. Kyrgios’ parents are still together and live in Australia’s capital, Canberra. Christos, Halima, and Nick are the names of Giorgos Kyrgios and Noraila’s three children.

Nick Kyrgios is the youngest of his family’s children. Harima, who is his older sister, lives in Hong Kong and works as a coach for dance and music performances. She was on The Voice Australia, a popular reality music show on TV. His older brother, Christos, plays tennis a lot and goes on most trips with Kyrgios. Christos is married to Alicia Gowans, and their son George is named after him. Since Christos has alopecia, Kyrgios is very careful with him.

Nick Kyrgios Social Media

Nick Kyrgios’s handle on Instagram is @k1ngkyrg1os, and his handle on Twitter is @NickKyrgios. Nick is very private about his family and loves life, which shows in his Instagram posts since he rarely talks about them.

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