Miles Teller Net Worth

Miles Teller Net Worth 2022: Bioraphy, Relationship, and More Details!

Find out how much money Miles Teller will have made in 2022, as well as other interesting facts about his life including his wife, age, height, and weight. A musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Sufjan Stevens are worth an estimated $15 million.

Actor Miles Alexander Teller was born in the United States. He is most recognized for his roles as jazz pianist Andrew Neiman in Whiplash and fighter pilot Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw in Top Gun: Maverick.

Miles Teller is a well-known actor thanks to his roles in blockbuster films like Whiplash and Top Gun: Maverick. Miles, a 35-year-old veteran of the stage, has been doing his thing for ten years. The Internet has made him a global celebrity.

Miles Teller Biography

Miles Teller was born on February 20, 1987, in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. He spent his childhood in Downingtown and elsewhere, including Florida and New Jersey. Teller’s mom works in real estate, while their dad designs nuclear reactors. Two of his older sisters are named Erin and Dana. During his time at Lecanto High School, Miles was an active member of the rock band and saxophone player for the group. The president of the drama club and a drummer in the youth band at his church, he was involved in many extracurricular activities.

He was a talented musician, had a place on the baseball team, and planned to make baseball his career. Teller was a waiter at the local Crackers restaurant in his final year of high school. He starred as Ren McCormack in his school’s production of “Footloose,” and he made a cameo appearance in the film’s remake in 2011.

Back in 2007, actor Miles Teller was a passenger in a car that crashed after losing control while doing 80 miles per hour. Because of the eight times the car flipped, Teller was injured in many places. Teller received a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2009. Later, he decided to study method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Miles Teller Physical Appearance

Miles Teller is not only well-liked for his personality, but also for his striking good looks. His charisma makes him a standout among Hollywood’s finest. Teller stands at 1.8 meters tall, weighs 78 kg, and has a 42-inch chest, a 34-inch waist, and 16-inch biceps.

His skin is incredibly light, his face is oval, his nose is spotless, and he doesn’t sport a beard. has dark brown hair of medium length and dark eyes.

Miles Teller Net Worth

In terms of wealth, Miles Teller is $15 million richer. His primary source of revenue comes from movie productions. The extra money from things like brand alliances and commercial promotion adds up to $1 million each year for him. Since he is a well-known actor, he receives a substantial paycheck for each film in which he appears.

They turned him down for the part in “La La Land” because he wanted $6 million for it and they only offered him $4 million. Throughout the years, he has watched his wealth increase. Miles Teller’s rising fortune is broken out below.

Miles Teller’s Acting Career

After finishing up at Tisch, he began appearing in various short films, and, in 2009, he made a guest appearance on “The Unusuals.” His performance in the 2010 film “Rabbit Hole” garnered him critical acclaim and acclaim from around the world. Nicole Kidman cast Teller in the role. Since then, he has consistently contributed to film productions.

He has lately been seen in the films Footloose, Project X, 21 and Over, Get a Job, and The Spectacular Now, in both supporting and starring capacities. He and Shailene Woodley, his co-star in “The Spectacular Now,” won the Sundance Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize for Dramatic Acting for their roles in the film.

One of his most recognizable roles is opposite Shailene Woodley in the “Divergent” film. In addition to 2015’s “Insurgent” and 2016’s “Allegiant,” he also appeared in each of these sequels. As well as “That Awkward Moment,” “Two Night Stand,” and “War Dogs,” Teller appeared in other films.

Many awards were considered for the 2014 film “Whiplash,” which starred Miles Teller as a young drummer trying desperately to impress his cruel jazz teacher (J. K. Simmons). As his appearance in “Whiplash” was worth only $8,000, he was only paid that much.

In the reboot of “Fantastic Four,” Teller portrayed the title character. Teller portrays boxing biographer Vinny Paz and armaments dealer David Packouz in the 2016 films “War Dogs” and “Bleed for This.” In 2017, Teller starred as the protagonist in several dramatic films featuring authentic storylines, including “Only the Brave” and “Thank You for Your Service.” In 2018, Teller starred as Martin Jones in the web crime drama Too Old to Die Young.

Miles Teller Net Worth

He portrayed Goose Bradshaw’s son Bradley in the sequel “Top Gun: Maverick.” The movie’s phenomenal success around the world has made Miles a household name. Reports claim that Teller was passed up for the lead part in “La La Land,” directed by the same person responsible for “Whiplash,” because he wanted $6 million instead of the $4 million that was on the table at the time.

Miles Teller Family and Relationships

In September of 2019, Miles married his longtime girlfriend, model Keleigh Sperry, on the island of Maui in the Hawaiian archipelago. After getting married in Sacred Hearts Mission Catholic Church, guests were invited to a reception at the Ritz Carlton.

Miles Teller Assets and other Properties

Miles Teller owns a number of huge properties, which contribute significantly to his net worth. In 2016, Miles spent $3,000,000 on a home in Studio City, California. His other holdings are mysterious. His private investments may have helped him amass a considerable fortune that is not publicly available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Miles Teller

Miles Teller, a famous actor, is often asked the same few questions over and over again. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about Miles Teller’s career, family life, and finances, and we hope they’ll be helpful.

What is the net worth of Miles Teller?

In 2022, Miles Teller has a net worth of about $15 million.

Miles Teller, how old are you?

In terms of age, Miles Teller is 35. (20 February 1987).

How much money does Miles Teller make?

About one million dollars a year is Miles Teller’s projected salary.

Miles Teller, how tall are you?

He stands at a towering 1.83 metres (6 feet 0 inches) tall.

Who does Miles Teller call his wife?

Keleigh Sperry is Miles Teller’s wife (m. 2019).

Miles Teller portrayed which character in Top Gun: Maverick?

In Top Gun: Maverick, Miles Teller portrayed “Bradley Bradshaw,” the son of the late aviator Goose.

Miles Teller, how much did you make for Whiplash?

For his part in the film Whiplash, Miles Teller reportedly earned only $8,000.

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry have how many kids?

There are no children in Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry’s immediate future..


In recent years, American actor Miles Teller has risen to prominence thanks to his performances in critically acclaimed films like Whiplash and Top Gun: Maverick. In 2022, his wealth is estimated to be $15,000,000.

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