List Of Jobs, Pensions And Other Benefits That You Can Collect

Unemployment benefit, better known by citizens as ‘unemployment’, is the fundamental aid for those workers who have lost their jobs. It is generally conceived as a life saver waiting to get a new job and at the same time as the only livelihood during that time, but the truth is that it can be reconciled with other activities and benefits.

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has recalled on its website that both unemployment and unemployment benefit can be collected at the same time that pensions, benefits are received or certain paid activities are carried out.

Specifically, the SEPE refers to partial retirement pensions and other pensions or economic benefits from Social Security that would have been compatible, at the time, with the work that originated the benefit, in addition to the pensions paid by a State that did not be Spanish . This group includes Social Security benefits for dependent daughter or son.

Compensation for termination of contracts, part-time jobs (this implies, however, deducting the proportional part of the day worked from unemployment), social collaboration jobs and employment contracts signed in programs will also be compatible with unemployment. replacement of workers in training. Along with these cases, the performance of paid public or union positions and part-time.

The work of the self-employed will also be compatible with the collection of unemployment if they ceased their previous work activity “totally and definitively” and in cases of registration as a self-employed worker , partner or partner of a newly created labor company or partner or a working member of a newly created associated work cooperative.

In the same way, the scholarships and public aid destined for transportation, accommodation and living expenses obtained “by attending occupational training actions provided for in the Subsystem of Vocational Training for Employment”, in addition to others , will be compatible with unemployment. subsidized by the SEPE. Also internships in public or private entities within the study plan if they do not require exclusive dedication and if the economic consideration is limited to offsetting the expenses of material, locomotion, accommodation or maintenance.

A Notice to People Who Collect Unemployment Benefit
The SEPE, in addition, reserves a small section specifically intended for people who receive the subsidy for those over 52 years of age. These citizens will be able to make the benefit compatible with a full-time contract (permanent or temporary) of more than three months.

Of course, and in accordance with the requirements that the SEPE itself asks of these people, they may make the unemployment benefit compatible (except in the previous case) with any type of income lower than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI).

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