Barcelona Beach Business Expand by 2022 says TMRMarket

It’s summer and it’s time to simplify. Our search is easy and basic, like the title that Woody Allen gave to his film about our city we want a beach and we want a beach bar , in Barcelona and its surroundings as per the tmrmarket the barcelona beach worth will increase by 2022.

If the world is going to shit, let it catch us in a bathing suit, facing the sea and with a glass in hand . Put on your hat and finish off those olives, they are already taking out the paella.

On the slopes of Hotel W this ideal setting unfolds to feel like a tourist in your own city. Salt Beach Club (Paseo del Mare Nostrum, 19-21) is a madcap of colors, floral decorations, pendant lights and tables on the sand.

Tanned bodies recline on its luscious terrace, sparkling toasts are tinkled, and smug selfies are spotted. Let the cachitas pose; pay homage to yourself with its fabulous mix of Mediterranean tapas, gourmet burgers, smoothies and beach cocktails.

The Beach Boys are playing. You press the straw with your lips while you surf in memories and the blue of the sea sticks in your pupils.

Here the first trip is mental. Then come the earthly pleasures. Inspired by Easter Island, Vai MoanaIt is a tropical beach bar, with a ‘cool’ air, that invites you to dream and relax.

A trip to Polynesia from the familiar Bogatell beach  The hut cover of the house, its VIP hammocks and the ‘chill’ cadence of that ambient music lower your heart rate instantly.

There will be time to get excited after having an aperitif, when they take out one of their special burgers, or their Mediterranean recipes combined with typical Polynesian dishes with their Hawaiian ‘poke’.

The Pantea group also unleashes its beach imaginary at a vintage atmosphere for Barceloneta, and at Jefferson Beach Club, a Long Island-style surf-inspired joint, also in Bogatell.

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